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Inmate property hanging storage bag & secure square cube soft-sided evidence box

secure square cube soft sided evidence boxA report found that the prison population had spiked from 200,000 to nearly 2.2 million inmates, just in the United States alone. The findings were the result of a study that covered nearly four decades, from 1973 to 2009. That figure has no doubt changed since then. And, in fact, another report indicates that number has increased to more than 2.3 million. While many reasons have been offered up to explain the growth, finding a solution to combat the storage challenges it presents hasn't been easy. Until now that is. Variations of an inmate property hanging storage bag, as well as a secure square cube soft-sided evidence box have been designed to help. The comprehensive line of products are manufactured from reinforced material for long-lasting durability and provide the security needed for prisons to function with improved efficiency.

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Secure square cube soft-sided evidence box for optimal space savings

The secure square cube soft-sided evidence box is available in three different design styles all, of which, can to stored flat when not in use for optimal space savings. Choose from a reusable design or storage container with a transparent top, which allows for easier inspection and discourages contraband. A modified design is also available, if you're seeking support for ventilation. It uses metal grommets in place of a mesh strip. Each secure square cubed soft-sided evidence box is lockable for added security when storing or transporting property from one place to another. Components used for quick access such as zippers, made from nylon and brass, can also be secured with numbered seals or padlocks when extra protection is needed. In addition, clear document sleeves help with the organization of evidence or property by providing instant record review. Buy soft-sided property boxes online.

Inmate property hanging storage bag designed to fit your needs

inmate property hanging storage bagThe inmate property hanging storage bag comes in a variety of different options, as well. And many are compatible for use with stationary racking or revolving conveyor systems. Buy property hanging storage bags online. Here are just a few more noteworthy features about this inmate property hanging storage bag to help you determine if it fits your needs:

  • Solid nylon construction with an easy loading open top
  • Sewn-in and removable heavy gauge chrome plated hanger available
  • Compatible with stationary or revolving conveyor systems and, in some cases, those controlled by automated operation
  • Has extra-durable bound seams
  • Lockable outside pocket for securing valuables and small items
  • Tension strap helps with maintaining balance when hanging
  • Odor controlled and maximum ventilation of garments provided for through use of nylon mesh, solid vinyl-coated nylon and solid vinyl-coated fabric with mesh fabric panel
  • Clear document sleeve at the front for instant identification
  • Heavy-duty locking brass zipper for maximum security
  • Large capacity items can also be accommodated for
  • Sizes vary

Our line of inmate property prison storage extends far beyond the secure square cube soft-sided evidence box.

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Soft Property Storage ContainersWidth x Length x HeightPart # and Pricing
See-Through Vinyl Lunch Boxes 10"W x 11"L x 7"H SMS-21-PCLB114717IMP
See-Through Soft Containers 16"W x 24"L x 12"H SMS-21-PCSBXL161217IMP
Inmate See-Through Green Mesh Cell Container 16"W x 24"L x 12"H SMS-21-PCSBX166025BIMP
Prison Personal Property Containers (Blue) 10"W x 16.25"D x 11"H SMS-21-PCSBX103461IMP
Nylon Mesh Detention Cell Bags (Blue) 16"W x 24"L x 12"H SMS-21-PCSBX165961IMP
Clear Vinyl Soft Storage Container 16"W x 24"D x 14"H SMS-21-PCSBXL161217IMP
Clear White Mesh Cell Property Mesh Bags 16"W x 24"L x 12"H SMS-21-PCNETBX165165H
Inmate Personal Storage Bags (Blue) 16"W x 26"D x 16"H SMS-21-PCSBX163461IMP
See-Through Inspection Bags (Black) 10"W x 16.25"D x 11"H SMS-21-PCSBX102809IMP
Nylon See-Through Green Mesh Cell Organizer Bag 10"W x 16.25"D x 11"H SMS-21-PCSBX106025BIMP
Hanging Property Storage Racks & BagsWidth x Depth x Height Part # and Pricing
Hanging Property Storage Racks (Two-Tier Chrome) 60"W x 22"D x 72"H SMS-21-PCRAILRACK5
Hanging Assault Rifle Storage Bags (Clear Spun-bound Polyester) 14"W x 46"L SMS-21-PCGBRFA463665IMP
Hanging Rifle Property Storage Bags (Clear Spun-bound Polyester) 9"W x 44"L SMS-21-PCGBRF443665IMP
Hanging Ventilated Black Mesh Inmate Bags 20"W x 28"L (Gusset 3") SMS-21-PCSB205909IMP
Hanging Handgun Property Bags (Clear Spun-bound Polyester) 9"W x 12"L SMS-21-PCGBHD123665IMP
Hanging Property Bags with Document Sleeve (Blue) 20"W x 28"L (Gusset 3") SMS-21-PCSB205961IMP
Property Shotgun Bags (Clear Spun-bound Polyester) 9"W x 54"L SMS-21-PCGBSG543665IMP
Property & Evidence Bags for Valuables Width x Length Part # and Pricing
Disposable Property Bags (Clear) 6"W x 9"L SMS-21-PCBON69
Throwaway Evidence Bags (Clear) 9"W x 12"L SMS-21-PCBON912
Inmate Valuables Pouches (Yellow) 8"W x 11"L SMS-21-PCVP083467IMP
Reusable Evidence Pouches (Clear) 8"W x 11"L SMS-21-PCVP083465IMP
Clear Valuables Property Pouches (Clear) 9"W x 12"L SMS-21-PCVP093465IMP
Valuables Property Pouches (Yellow) 9"W x 12"L SMS-21-PCVP093467IMP
Hanging Garment BagsWidth x LengthPart # and Pricing
Hanging Inmate Garment Bags (Blue) 22" W x 29" L (Gusset 3") SMS-21-PCSL295961IMP
Hanging Conveyor Clothes Bags (Black) 22" W x 31.5" L (Gusset 3") SMS-21-PCCB222809IMP
Hanging Inmate Garment Bags (Blue) 22"W x 36"L (Gusset 3") SMS-21-PCSL365961IMP
Long Hanging Garment Bag with Pockets (Black) 22" W x 44" L (Gusset 3") SMS-21-PCHB443009
Long Hanging Garment Bag with Pockets (Black) 22" W x 48" L (Gusset 3") SMS-21-PCHL442809IMP
X-Long Ventilated Hanging Garment Bags (Available in 6 colors) 22" W x 48" L (Gusset 3") SMS-21-PCHB483
Security Tie StrapsLength
Part # and Pricing
7" Cinch Up Security Seal Tie Straps (Available in 6 colors) 7" SMS-21-PCCU19TO
Equilock Tamper Proof Tie Straps (Available in 6 colors) 7.25" SMS-21-PCEQ19CO

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