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Last updated: July 17, 2017

improving security & accountability

high density mobile art rack system with pegs for inmate manufacturing toolsA federal correctional institution installed 15 mobile high density storage systems throughout their facility to build security and accountability. As a result of high density storage systems, the institution's level three medium security center, originally designed for 500 inmates, can now accommodate up to 750, and its level one minimum security camp for 250 can board up to twice that number.

With jail overcrowding and new institutions often rapidly filled to capacity, flexibility in storage is key. The systems were installed under GSA contact, with several systems already planned for their healthcare division. Their goal was to create efficiency, utilize their space, and maximize their construction budget. Mobile high density storage systems were able to provide all of this.

how the high density systems helped

correctional facility pharmaceutical division secured in lockable high density storageAnti-tip devices in rails were used throughout the facility to maintain the integrity of the shelving so they could not be tipped and their contents accessed. A diverse array of manual, mechanical-assist, and electric mobile high density storage systems, including pallet rack systems, were used in the various divisions of the correctional institution, the healthcare and the factory divisions in particular.

The tool crib, located behind a secure case, stores all manufacturing tools used by the residents. This room was previously outfitted with open shelves, which created many potential problems for visual security. Since any tool can become a potential weapon, security and accountability are paramount and cannot be compromised. If any tool is not accounted for at a day's closing, the facility goes into high security alert and shuts down. The open shelving system was replaced with a mobile art rack system with pegboards for storing the tools. Each tool is assigned to a location on the pegboard and outlined with paint for easy visual identification if an item is missing. For item tracking, an inmate identification tag replaces the tool on the pegboard when an item is checked out.

The healthcare division features several systems, including those in X-ray, administration, and one in the dispensary of the inpatient pharmacy, which is located behind a security window and backed by individually locking carriages and steel-locked doors. The high density programmable electric system not only improves the security and accountability of the area, but also satisfies their three-lock requirement mandated in certain areas, including evidence and weapons storage.high density systems in law library with inmate work tables

Many other departments throughout the facility also had mobile high density storage systems installed, including the receiving and discharge area for inmate property, the dead file area of inmate systems management, and the law library where work tables were also able to be added thanks to space savings brought by the systems. Other applications included the medical/dental area, administrative offices, and records storage, as well as the storage of files, linens, uniforms, books, supplies, film and media equipment, food, and personal effects.


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