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overhead steel security cage lifts

Overhead Security Cart Storage Lifts with Locking Steel Security Cages Protect Expensive Inventory

Keep layaway and other valuable items safe and out of the way with Overhead Security Cart Storage Lifts. These overhead lifts are designed to raise and lower locking steel security cages storing expensive electronics, computers, jewelry, and parts overhead to save space and enhance security. (view images of Overhead Security Cart Lifts)

How Overhead Security Cart Storage Lifts Work?

locking steel security cages with wheels

The Overhead Security Cart Storage Lifts works by mounting the lift system to your ceiling (with no need for reinforcements). The security carts raise and lower from the ceiling to the floor using a keyed push button control. The lift mechanisms have special latches to safely and securely attach the carts to the lifts. To store or retrieve a security cart, just push the keyed button and the steel security cage is lowered right down to you or raised for to the stored position. Once the security cart is on the ground, you can access items or unlatch the rolling cart to move it to another department or onto a truck for transportation to another facility. Once you are finished loading or unloading the cart, reattach the security cage and push the button to send it back up to the stored position. When your steel security cages are stored in the up position, you can relax knowing your inventory is safe and secure because no one can tamper with it. Your aisles will also stay open and clear.

overhead security cart lifts

Why Overhead Security Cart Storage Lifts Make Sense for Storing Valuables

Here are just some of the reasons Overhead Security Storage Carts make sense for storing valuables:

  • Since security carts are stored overhead, you can save floor space and add another level of security for expensive items
  • The Overhead Security Cart Storage Lifts are a cost-effective solution for businesses that don’t have the money to invest in elaborate storage security systems
  • Items within the locking steel security cages are still easy to see, which makes counting inventory simple and trouble free

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