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How Do the Overhead Garment Storage Conveyor Lifts Work?

store hanging clothes and costumes with overhead garment conveyor lifts

The Garment Storage Conveyor Lift is a simple method of maximizing your storage of hanging clothes and costumes. The Garment Storage Conveyor Lifts mount to your ceiling with no need for additional modifications to your building. The Garment Storage Conveyor Lift uses automatic push button controls to lift hanging clothes up and deliver them down to the worker. This means employees don't have to climb ladders to load and unload hanging clothes and costumes because the lift does the work for you. The Garment Storage Conveyor Lift maximizes your facility's storage space by converting vertical air space into storage space for hanging clothes and costumes. (view images of Garment Storage Conveyor Lifts)

Reasons for Using Overhead Garment Storage Conveyor Lifts

storing hanging clothes in push button overhead garment storage conveyor lifts

There are many reasons to use Garment Storage Conveyor Lifts for storing hanging clothes and costumes including,

  • Maximizing the storage of vertical air space in your facility into valuable storage space
  • Preventing unnecessary handling of garments, costumes, and historical clothing
  • Eliminating the risk of accidents by employees climbing ladders to store and retrieve hanging clothing and costumes

Contact Us for Overhead Garment Storage Conveyor Lifts Design Help

Southwest Solutions Group® provides design, planning, and installation services for Garment Storage Conveyor Lifts. For more information, call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message, and we will put you in touch with the representative in your area that will show you how to maximize your space for storing hanging clothes and costumes.

Overhead Storage Lifts Brochures

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