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storing commercial business bicycles in bike storage lifts

An Innovative Solution for Storing Retail & Commercial Business Bicycles

If you are looking for an innovative storage solution for storing retail and commercial business bicycles, it's time to think vertical. Bikes are cumbersome to store. They come in all different sizes and styles and require a lot of floor space to store. Typically, businesses just bunch them together and then spend a lot of time when they need to access one. Now there is a great solution to storing bicycles with Overhead Bike Storage Lifts. (view Overhead Bike Storage Lift images)

Benefits of the Overhead Bike Storage Lifts

Overhead Bike Storage Lifts use overhead space to store bikes, not valuable floor space. No more moving numerous bikes to get the one you want and worrying about scraping or dinging a bike should they fall over. Not only will you save space and money with Overhead Bike Storage Lifts, you will create a safer work environment for your employees because they won’t need to climb ladders to access one. Here are some additional benefits to Overhead Bike Storage Lifts for storing retail and commercial business bicycles:

retail commercial business use overhead bike storage lifts

  • Every time a bike is moved it can get dinged or scraped. With the Overhead Bike Storage Lifts, you can access just the bike you need without disturbing the others.
  • Motorized controls make it easy for all employees to get bikes down safely, not just the big and strong employees.
  • Restocking the sales floor is quick and easy because all your bicycles are organized in the Overhead Bike Storage Lifts.
  • Storing bikes pre-built improves the customer experience because they won’t have to wait until someone has time to assemble their bike.
  • With the Overhead Bike Storage Lifts, aisles and shelving are open and clear for other merchandise, which makes up-selling easy.
  • Finding the right bike and maintaining accurate inventory with the Overhead Bike Storage Lift is fast and easy.
  • Shrinkage is reduced because your bicycles are out of casual reach and there is a lockable control switch available.
  • The Overhead Bike Storage Lift concept is simple, which makes it easy to use, while providing strength and durability.
  • Because the Overhead Bike Storage Lift is classified as an electrical appliance and not a building improvement, you can enjoy a nice tax break.

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