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complete auto storage solution includes automotive fender muffler racks, shelving with drawers and modular cabinets

Efficient Car Parts Storage Systems for Your Auto Dealership or Repair Shop

Our partner, StoreMoreStore, now has a full line of automotive storage products including Automotive Fender & Muffler Racks, Industrial Shelving with Drawers, and Modular Cabinets. All of these automotive storage products combined together provide a complete storage system that will help you get your work done safely and efficiently. Whatever your auto dealership or repair shop needs, Southwest Solutions Group® can assist with planning a new facility or individual Automotive Fender & Muffler Racks, Industrial Shelving with Drawers, and Heavy Duty Modular Cabinets online at StoreMoreStore

Use Automotive Fender & Muffler Racks for Storing Specialty Car Parts

Specialty car parts can be a challenge to store because they are bulky and different sizes. Automotive Fender & Muffler Racks provide storage for a variety of specialty car parts including exhaust pipes, hoods, floor mats, batteries, tires, windshields, moldings, and more. The Automotive Fender & Muffler Racks keep these car parts organized, off the floor, and easily accessible.

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Industrial Shelving with Drawers Provides Flexible Car Parts Storage

store specialty car parts in automotive fender and muffler racks

The Industrial Shelving with Drawers allows you to store large, medium, and small parts all in one unit. The parts storage system is designed to store heavy car parts on the lower shelf level, medium-size parts on the upper levels, and small parts in waist-high drawers. Because the Industrial Shelving with Drawers is so flexible, you can design the perfect storage system for your dealership or repair shop.

gain flexible automotive part and tool storage with industrial shelving with drawers

Heavy Duty Modular Cabinets are Strong and Durable

The Heavy Duty Modular Cabinets are designed to stand up to intensive daily use. We also call them heavy duty for a reason; each drawer can hold up to 400 pounds. The Modular Cabinets are available in five widths from 24" to 60", four depths from 18" to 27", nine heights from 29" to 60", and ten drawer heights, you are guaranteed to find the right size for your automotive storage needs. Also, you can find the same Heavy Duty Modular Cabinets on wheels to provide mobile storage for your parts and tools.

Shop Now for Automotive Fender & Muffler Racks, Shelving with Drawers, and Modular Cabinets

Find Automotive Fender & Muffler Racks, Industrial Shelving with Drawers, and Heavy Duty Modular Cabinets online now at StoreMoreStore. If you need more information or assistance, please give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message.


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