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Last updated: September 22, 2017

Durable industrial toolbox drawer cabinets offer maximum versatility

industrial toolbox drawer cabinetsFor a durable solution that offers maximum versatility, specialized industrial toolbox drawer cabinets are available in smart compact mobile, heavy-duty, and stationary configurations. Made from premium quality construction, users can adapt the units to fit application needs using accessories such as central key locks and plastic bins to create storage that keeps small parts safe and organized. Each offer drawer rolling mechanisms with a lifetime warranty while drawers support either 100 or 400 pounds in weight capacity and provide total extension to ensure increased material access and visibility.

Industrial toolbox drawer cabinets for security modularity & stability

Available in fixed and mobile storage configurations, smart compact industrial toolbox drawer cabinets can support up to 100 pounds in capacity with bins on slide system. Units accommodate non-marking polyurethane casters that provide easy movement from one place to another and come in many dimensions, including six drawer heights, two cabinet depths and five cabinet heights to meet storage requirements. Each offered with a central locking mechanism or drawer lock-in system that provides security while many combination possibilities allow single, double or even triple applications that fit user needs. 

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Specialized stationary and mobile heavy-duty industrial toolbox drawer cabinets can support up to 400 pounds in capacity per drawer and accommodate drawer fronts in painted or stainless steel designs to create a durable and distinctive look that fits any workplace environment. Units come in many dimensions that offer optimal modularity, including 10 drawer heights, 13 (width x depth) housing sizes and four housing heights.

Stationary industrial toolbox drawer cabinets with specialized designs are available with varying bases, including recessed ones that allow using leveling glides and anchoring hardware to create a unit with increased stability on uneven floors. Units can also go from a mobile to a stationary configuration with ease and back again to accommodate ever-changing needs.

Accessories for industrial toolbox drawer cabinets 

key locks plastic bins storage small partsThe industrial toolbox drawer cabinets allow adding accessories such as key locks & plastic bins to create secure storage for small parts that offers to maximize space use while keeping items organized. Other available cabinet accessories include:

  • An electronic lock that (fits cabinets with drawers only) operates using anywhere from 4- to 8-digit access codes rather than a key to provide system security that ensures material safety
  • Choice of top that provides an attractive finished look
  • Side cabinet with extra storage space to store essentials
  • Foldaway shelf prevents items from falling off
  • Casters with a 1,000-pound capacity ensure safe transportability

Other available drawer accessories include:

  • Partitions and dividers to compartmentalize interior drawer space, ensuring maximum use
  • PVC drawer liners made from non-slip material protect parts stored in the drawer and are available to install under partitions and dividers
  • Foam for tools is oil resistant and non-absorbent
  • Protective foam protects parts stored in the drawer
  • Label holders to make part identification easier

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