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Transition to Digital Documents During Your Merger, Acquisition or Relocation

If your business is going through a merger, acquisition or relocation, it is the perfect time to convert to digital documents. With the time and expense, it takes to combine, move, and store all of your paper documents, you can save yourself the headache and start getting serious about going digital. We offer all types of information and records management services, including onsite and offsite document scanning. No matter what stage in the process you’re currently in, we can help with our document scanning services. Learn more about high-speed document scanning services.

Our 10 Step Document Scanning Process

Below is a basic 10 step guide to help you understand our process.

10 Step Document Scanning Process Infographicmergers and acquisitions are a great time to convert to digital records with document scanning

  1. Survey: Before the document scanning process begins, one of Southwest Solutions Group’s information management specialists will perform a comprehensive survey and propose the best solution based on your needs and budget.
  2. Purge: In preparation for scanning, we can provide a team to assist you with purging records to reduce the cost of scanning.
  3. Pack & Manifest: Once the prep is finished we will label and pack your records into boxes with a tracking number. Using our online tracking, you can follow each record throughout the entire process.
  4. Secure Transport: We ship your boxes using a bonded courier vehicle to transport your file boxes securely to our state-of-the-art document scanning facility.
  5. Receive, Inspect & Prep: When boxes are received at our facility, the manifest will be inspected and compared to the original pickup manifest. Documents will then be prepared for scanning by removing staples, paper clips, post-it notes, and repairing damaged documents based on your requirements.
  6. Scan: We have the ability to scan all types of documents using a high quality production class scanner. Fragile and other sensitive documents will be manually scanned.
  7. Index: Your records will be indexed based on your specifications.
  8. Quality Control: We ensure that your records are complete and correct with our quality control process.
  9. Output: Records are uploaded to your EHR system or server. We also provide records on CD or DVD.
  10. Store & Shred: Once documents have been scanned, records are either stored or shredded upon written verification from you.

Contact Us to Learn More About Our Document Scanning Services

This is just the basic outline of our document scanning services; we can customize a plan that will meet your specific needs and budget. So, what's the next step? Try our scanning services for free, we will scan, index, and upload a box of your records, so you can see exactly how our document scanning services work. For more information about how we can help your business go digital during a merger, acquisition, or relocation, give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message.

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