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Last updated: November 23, 2020

Managing Documents in Law Enforcement Offices

backfile conversions for law enforcement officesWith personnel records, procurement paperwork, IT documentation, inmate records, property receipts, and more, law enforcement is paper-intensive. Manually managing these documents can be a difficult and seemingly insurmountable task, especially with resources and time at a premium. But one county sheriff's office utilized backfile conversions to digitally manage documents for their law enforcement office; this arrangement has not only saved them time and money, but has also improved accessibility to critical information, improved control and security, and allowed them to grow. Click here to learn more about document scanning and backfile conversions.

Digital Documents & Backfile Conversions

Law enforcement offices manage and process a wide variety of documents: benefits, payroll, training documents; jail records; property receipts; and other types of paperwork. Many law enforcement offices store their physical and paper documents at on-site or off-site locations, leaving them to be manually retrieved whenever necessary. Obviously, this causes delays in document retrieval as well as adds additional storage costs and increases the risk of lost or misfiled documents. Transportation of documents between storage facilities also makes it difficult to ensure chain of custody and document security. How can law enforcement offices manage their documents more efficiently?digitally manage documents scanning infographic

A county sheriff's office started seriously evaluating alternatives to storing physical documents. With backfile conversions, their documents were scanned and digitized for easier management of their active records. Documents were scanned by a CJIS compliant scanning team on behalf of the sheriff's office. The documents were then exported to images on the office's archive where they can be available to authorized users. This has eliminated the need for physical document storage and has also removed risks with transporting documents. Digitally managing documents has also eliminated the expense of off-site storage.

The backfile conversions have helped the sheriff's office meet their document scanning and digital management objectives on time, within budget, and with the highest level of image quality.

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