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Humidity Controlled High Density Wire Racks are refrigerated ActivRac Shelving for cooler storage or large industrial refrigerators. The high density wire racks recover wasted cooler space by only requiring one moving aisle at a time, effectively increasing storage capacity in a smaller footprint. The automated racks can be configured with new or existing pallet racking to save on costs and operate at just the push of a button for easy accessibility.

ActivRac shelving for coolers and refrigerated areas are available in steel or stainless steel construction for easy cleaning and increased corrosion resistance in atmospheric, chlorine-bearing, and pure water environments, as well as acids and alkaline solutions. The systems can be tailored for walk-in coolers, cold rooms, refrigeration systems, and refrigerated warehouse. Their versatile design makes them ideal for any refrigerated or environmentally-controlled area in hospitals, pharmaceutical or manufacturing facilities, clean rooms, kitchens, abattoirs, food processing plants, and more. (read more about high density storage systems)

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