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Office Services Furniture, Mailroom Sorters, and Fax Center Cabinets for Chicago Businessesmailroom sorters casework chicago illinois

Because of advances in technology, the traditional mailroom has evolved over the years to become the office services department. Mailroom coordinators, clerks, and assistants are responsible for delivering/sorting incoming mail; preparing outgoing mail; logging all document and package deliveries; responding to customer inquiries; coding, faxing, and making copies; managing office supplies; and more.

fax center cabinets chicago illinoisBecause they are tasked with such diverse duties, employees need a more functional and adaptable work area. This is why we provide all types of Office Services Furniture, Mailroom Sorters, and Fax Center Cabinets to businesses in Chicago, IL. (view images of Office Services Furniture)

Our Office Services Furniture Ensures Information Gets to the Right Place

The right Office Services Furniture is vital to ensuring the effective and accurate flow of information and documents throughout your organization. Our products will meet your changing needs because they are flexible and adjustable. This will result in efficient handling, better productivity, and on time delivery.

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See specifications and pricing for bulk sorting shelving, stand-alone and tabletop sorters, mail tables, mailroom casework and kits.
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Below are some features and benefits of our Office Services Furniture:

  • A wide range of heights, depths and widths for tables, sorters, cabinets, and services furniture chicago illinois
  • Adjustable height furniture that will accommodate standing and sitting positions.
  • Easily adjustable sorter openings to fit documents, folders, and mail.
  • Mail sorting shelves with easy to read labels that incorporate color recognition for quick and accurate mail sorting
  • Optional accessories (doors, drawers, etc...) that will efficiently store supplies.
  • No sharp metal edges on cabinets or sorters that injure fast moving hands.

Contact Us for Office Services Furniture, Mailroom Sorters, and Fax Center Cabinets in Chicago

Southwest Solutions Group® provides design and installation services for Office Services Furniture, Mailroom Sorters, and Fax Center Cabinets to all types of businesses in Chicago, IL. Give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message, to speak with one of our specialists today.revit bim models



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