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Last updated: October 28, 2020

Military Healthcare Facilities Accomplish Bed Storage Goals

revit bim modelsVidir beds lifts are designed so that your healthcare facility can store more beds in less space. The idea is to take the typically unused vertical space and convert it into productive storage space. Below are two examples from our solutions specialists, Jeff Rosaasen and Jim Smith, for using bed lifts in military healthcare facilities to maximize space while storing beds. Available on Vizient GPO Contract #CE2900 (Vizient customers call for contract pricing.vidir bedlifts maximize space military hospital unit

Vidir Bed Lifts to Meet Compliance and Maximize Space

A military base hospital in Mississippi needed a better system for storing beds. In case of an emergency, the hospital needs to have beds close at hand. But their beds were stored at an off-site warehouse very far away from where they would be used. Working with the base, Jeff and Jim installed twelve 4-high Vidir bed lifts at one of the much closer warehouses. Overall, the proximity of the beds lifts allowed the base to better meet emergency compliance.

vidir bed lifts installed at military medical centerAt another military medical center in San Antonio, beds were stored wherever they would fit: on the floor of the warehouse underneath pallets, in random corners, or lined throughout the hallways. The medical center needed a solution to make better use of their space and centralize stored beds. Jeff and Jim worked with the medical center to install four 4-high Vidir bed lifts. Now, the medical facility can easily access stored beds and uses less floor space to store them.

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