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Last updated: October 28, 2020

An Innovative Solution for Storing Hospital Beds

vidir vertical bedlifts save hospital floor spaceThe Vidir vertical bedlift stores up to 5 hospital beds in a footprint slightly larger than a single bed. The innovative bedlift is a hospital bed storage system that accommodates large and small beds, gurneys, stretchers, and any other type of bed found in your hospital. And with options for storing 2, 3, 4, and 5 beds, you are sure to find the bedlift that will best meet your particular needs. Available on Vizient GPO Contract #CE2900 (Vizient customers call for contract pricing. Click here to watch videos showing how the vertical stacking automatic lifts work.

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Solving Bed Storage Problems with Vidir Vertical Bedlifts

Here are just a few of the reasons your hospital has a need for a new storage system for beds:

  • Aisle and corridor egress is #1 cited issue in the Life Safety Code (LSC)
  • Spare hospital beds are not readily accessible near patient areas
  • At any given time 7 - 10% of all hospital beds are in maintenance or repairs.
  • Bed storage and retrieval is cumbersome and laborious

And here are the ways your problems are solved with the bedlifts:

  • Reduces hallways ‘clutter’ to address NFPA 101 – Life Safety Code.
  • Floor space savings of, on average, 60ft2 per unit.
  • Time savings in labor for transporting hospital beds.
  • Secure and protect hospital beds
  • Easy one-person operation for storage and retrieval

Cost Savings and ROI of the Vidir Vertical Bedlift

There are a number of factors that can be used to determine savings and return on investment for the Bedlift: the cost of the space, offsite storage costs, hospital bed rental costs, and the cost of paying an employee to transfer beds around a hospital.

For example, a single hospital bed occupies approximately 28 sq. ft. of floor space. The footprint of the Vidir bedlift is approximately 45 sq. ft. (depending on the Bedlift model). The cost of new hospital construction is $400.00 per sq. ft. With that in mind, here are the savings you can expect from each capacity of bedlift when incorporating it into a new building. And the more bedlifts you use, the more savings you will experience. revit bim models

  • 2 Capacity – floor space savings of 11 sq. ft. / $4,400
  • 3 Capacity – floor space savings of 39 sq. ft. / $15,600
  • 4 Capacity – floor space savings of 67 sq. ft. / $26,800
  • 5 Capacity – floor space savings of 95 sq. ft.  / $38,000

Where You Can Use the Vidir Vertical Bedlift

There are multiple places throughout your hospital where you can have a vertical bedlift installed including maintenance rooms, storage rooms, and zoned corridor space. Additionally, the most successful installations have multiple storage locations to reduce the response time for a required bed as well as reducing the labor to retrieve the hospital bed.

Contact Us for Vidir Vertical Bedlifts in Your Hospital

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