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Last updated: October 28, 2020

 Problems the Hospital Experienced Storing Beds

vidir 3-high bedlifts storing beds in less spaceA children’s hospital consistently ranked one of the best in the country due to its commitment to superior patient care, needed help storing beds. At any given time, between 10-12 percent of their 500 beds are out of service for repairs. With no other options, beds were stored in hallways and in unused rooms throughout the four wings of the hospital – completely filling up two rooms. Click here to watch videos showing how the vertical stacking automatic lifts work.

Not only did this lead to frequent code violations, but the staff had a difficult time locating beds. Hospital administrators needed a better solution, preferably something that would keep the expensive beds safe, free-up valuable space for other functions, and organize beds in one central location. Available on Vizient GPO Contract #CE2900 (Vizient customers call for contract pricing.

SSG Introduces the Hospital to Vidir BedLifts

Unsure of their options, the hospital reached out to Southwest Solutions Group® (SSG) representative Jim Deller. Having worked with Jim in the past, they hoped he would have a solution to their bed storage problem. And they were right. Jim introduced the hospital to Vidir BedLifts. These innovative machines are designed to stack and store beds one on top of the other to use overhead space instead of floor space. Beds are simply rolled onto platforms that are raised up with the push of a button.

revit bim modelsSince the hospital primarily uses Advanta™ 2 Med Surg Beds with a patient helper bracket, Jim recommended the hospital choose a 3-high heavy-duty BedLift. Because this is a larger model of BedLift, it easily accommodates the larger bed with accessories. Excited about the prospect of having their bed storage problems solved, the hospital chose to install eleven 3-high BedLifts in their Environmental Services Department.vidir bedlifts are easy to load and operate with a push button

Benefits the Hospital Experienced with Vidir BedLifts

By installing the BedLifts, the hospital recovered 60% of the floor space that was previously occupied with broken beds. Additional benefits the hospital experienced included:

  • Time savings: beds are now kept in the same room that the repairs are performed in.
  • Better use of space: space, where the beds were stored, is now used for other supplies.
  • Protection: the beds are stored safely out of the way, which prevents damage.
  • No more violations: now that beds are properly stored, the hospital isn’t violating codes.
  • Easy operation: the BedLifts are easy for any staff member to operate and use.

The hospital was so impressed with how great the BedLifts work in this area that they’re already considering installing even more in a new wing that just recently opened.

revit 2015 icon small Click here to see BedLift sizes and Revit BIM Models

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