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Last updated: July 11, 2017

Horizontal Rotating Shelving Provides Order Consolidation

A wholesale beauty supply distributor installed horizontal rotating shelving to provide automated order picking and consolidation in their integrated warehouse. The rotating shelving has improved picking times, organization, and space savings so that the company can add new product lines as needed to support their growth. Click here for more information on horizontal rotating shelving.

automated rotating horizontal shelving carousels

With the horizontal rotating shelving, needed items are brought directly to the operator instead of the operator having to physically travel to and search for items. This alone has drastically improved staff productivity and safety. Before the rotating shelving was installed, complete orders had to be picked from static shelving and flow racks onto carts. But by placing the slow-to medium-moving products on the horizontal rotating shelves, the company has been able to increase their picking rates and having products brought to the operators has significantly improved throughput.

In fact, products picked from the carousels are now picked three times faster than they used to be. The picking process that used to need 28 pickers has not been reduced down to 12 with the automated order picking and consolidation the shelving offers. In addition, the company can now provide same-day shipping with 99% accuracy. Click here to watch a video about how another distribution center was able to maximize their throughput with horizontal rotating shelving.

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