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lower your energy costs with warehouse fans

warehouse fan energy savings lower utility bills heating air conditioning costsHeating, cooling, and ventilating warehouses can be a difficult and expensive task, but keeping workers comfortable and safe is very important. Plus, studies show that for every rise in temperature above 77ºF, productivity drops by 2%. Luckily, there are numerous warehouse fan energy savings with fan ventilation systems to lower utility bills, including heating and air conditioning costs. The warehouse fans combined with wind-driven exhaust turbines are energy efficient and work together to actually cool the air by up to 10ºF because of circulation and natural ventilation. (See videos See videos)

how the warehouse fans lower utility bills

Competitive fans insist that their fans cool the air by 10 degrees through destratification. But how can destratification alone actually cool the air without a ventilation system that exhausts the hot air out of the facility? The large diameter fans actively destratify the air, while the wind-driven exhaust turbines exhaust hot, stale air and replaces it with cool, fresh air. The fans will then blow this cooler air throughout the facility—which actually reduces temperatures. Multiple fans can be linked together, and they are compatible with any existing HVAC and fire suppressant systems. Using this system, you can easily raise or lower your temperature's set point to lower utility bills, heating, and air conditioning costs without sacrificing comfort.

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We offer multiple types and sizes of warehouse fans for you to choose from depending on your specific needs, including:

Large diameter HVLS fans: The large diameter industrial fans are built specifically to cover large floor areas with a constantly moving airflow that makes employees feel cooler with an evaporative cooling effect. And unlike competitive HVLS fans, our industrial fans can be run in reverse for winter heating without any negative impact on the fan's efficiency or 15-year warranty. The fans don't just destratify uneven temperatures, either; they also reduce condensation and humidity, operate quietly, and are extremely energy efficient (largest 24' fan consumes less power than an average hair dryer) and inexpensive to operate (approximately 6 cents/hour for one fan at 0.75 kw).

lower utility bills, heating, air conditioning costs with warehouse fan energy savings7' directional fans: If your warehouse can't accommodate a large diameter fan or you have ceiling restrictions, then the 7' directional fans are excellent and cost-effective alternatives or can even be installed in addition to the HVLS fans. The directional fans have adjustable air foils that can be set for one or two-directional use. When set for a single direction, the fan can reach up to 200 ft. For two-directional use, air flow can reach up to 100 ft on both sides from the center of the fan. This makes them ideal for aisles in high pallet racks. The fans can be mounted on a steel post, building column, or suspended from the ceiling, and are quiet and energy efficient.

Wind-driven exhaust turbines: Exhaust turbines are virtually silent and completely wind-powered, so they require no electrical or wiring costs. They're also much more efficient than typical powered exhaust fans with their ability to exhaust air at over 70,000 CFM. The turbines reduce temperatures by exhausting hot air trapped in the ceiling and replacing it with cooler air overnight. When combined with the large diameter fans, they can exhaust even more hot air, pollutants, allergens, fumes, and odors that can be harmful to facility users.

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Southwest Solutions Group® provides design and installation services for warehouse fans for energy savings to lower utility bills, heating, and air conditioning costs. Fans can be installed in a wide variety of facilities, including manufacturing, warehousing, agricultural, recreational, and commercial. SSG will even provide a free consultation to determine your exact needs before the design process begins. To learn more or to speak with a specialist, call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today.


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