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high security asset & key storage

The computerized keytag cabinet for securing, dispensing, and controlling keys and assets is designed to provide high-security storage for sensitive assets and items, including keys for vehicles, offices, warehouses, cabinets, and more. The cabinet features very simple and yet highly secure operation that allows only authorized personnel to access keys, assets, or stored personal belongings. (See videos see videos)

how the keytag cabinets work

Retrieving, logging, and returning keys and assets is quick, secure, and only requires a few simple steps.

First, identify yourself to the cabinet's computer screen. This can be done in several ways: with a username and password, a personal RFID tag, or by simple swiping your finger on the fingerprint reader. When you have been identified, the main navigation touchscreen will appear. Select "take out." The system will display a list of keys available for access. Select the type of key you're retrieving from the list of key categories. When you select the key, the drawer containing it will blink and unlock. Open the drawer, and the individual compartment containing the key will pop open, leaving the rest of the stored items locked and secured. Remove the key from the drawer, tag it over the RFID tracker, and close the drawer. The drawer will lock automatically.

securing, dispensing, & controlling keys and assets in high security keytag cabinetsReturning keys and assets is just as simple. Log in and press "return" on the touchscreen. Tag the key or the item you're returning, and the drawer that the key needs to be stored in will blink and unlock. Open the drawer and the specific compartment will pop open, just like when you're retrieving items. Record any relevant information about the item if applicable, then close the drawer. To view information about a specific key or asset, select the tag ID button on the touchscreen and tag the key. The screen will then display recorded information about the key. This information can easily be e-mailed to relevant parties by selecting the email icon on the screen.

At the bottom of the main screen, you'll find a quick display of important information about the keytag cabinet, including how many keys are currently inside the unit, how many are currently in use, and how many were not returned on time. Pressing the icon opens a detailed list with relevant information. Clicking on the "report" icon will allow you to create reports on the information you need. For example, you can view the activity for a specific item and even watch video footage of the transactions, which are recorded automatically by a dedicated wireless camera.computerized keytag cabinets secure keys and assets

Granting access to items is also simple. You can authorize access to individual users or groups by selecting items or groups of items for user access. The cabinets can also generate email alerts for keys that are not returned on time, and can also alert you when keys are returned. All management operations can be performed from your PC or any remote station in your office or home and you can grant or deny user access for viewing reports or watching transaction footage. The computerized keytag cabinet can also store personal items such as phones, pistols, or other belongings.

Innovative Key Cabinets

Below are three various types of key cabinets to protect and track your keys. Each of the key cabinets below includes a RFID reader and key tags. Key compartment is 1.5" x 1.6" x 2.9". These cabinets can be configured with different sized compartments to store an assortment of items.

Optional Items: video camera, voice control, biometric reader, and magnetic card reader.

Model# of Keys StoredSale Price Including FreightUnit Photo
SSGFRAME198 198 Please Call key wall cabinet ssgframe
SSGFRAME396 396 Please Call
SSGCOMPACT96 96 Please Call key cabinet table top unit ssgcompact
SSGCOMPACT192 192 Please Call
SSGCOMPACT288 288 Please Call
SSGCOMPACT384 384 Please Call
SSGULTRA198 198 Please Call key cabinet large stand alone ssgultra
SSGULTRA396 396 Please Call
SSGULTRA594 594 Please Call
SSGULTRA792 792 Please Call
SSGULTRA990 990 Please Call
SSGULTRA1188 1188 Please Call
SSGULTRA1386 1386 Please Call
SSGULTRA1584 1584 Please Call
SSGULTRA1782 1782 Please Call
SSGULTRA1980 1980 Please Call
SSGULTRA2178 2178 Please Call
SSGULTRA2376 2376 Please Call

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