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Last updated: June 28, 2019

Storage Issues Plague Military Hospital

high density shelvingin the military hospital warehouse saves spaceA military hospital was dealing with frequent storage issues in the medical logistical warehouse: wasted, spread out space caused delays retrieving supplies; disorganization caused employees frustration; inventory fluctuations were getting expensive. The hospital replaced stationary pallet racks in the warehouse with a powered high density shelving that solved all of the storage problems and improved space utilization, safety, and accountability.

Powered High Density Shelving Maximizes Space

A massive powered high density shelving system with zero force safety features saved more than 85 percent of warehouse space, improved inventory control, sped up outgoing shipments and improved safety. And the high density shelving only occupies two-thirds of the warehouse space while still leaving over 50 percent capacity in the system. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

Supplies Stay Organized in the High Density Shelving

powered high density shelving for medical logistical warehouse storageIt was difficult for the hospital to maintain inventory control with the pallet racks. Because their inventory items are small, even in master cartons, an enormous amount of space was wasted above and behind the items on the pallets. Also, material would shift and get lost. The design of the high density shelving allows the supervisor to see all activity down the aisles in the storage area, which has helped the hospital reduce inventory fluctuations to zero and improve organization in the warehouse.

Employees are More Productive and Happier with High Density Shelving

Also, inventory retrievals and deliveries have gone from 24 hours to three, enabling the staff to better serve the needs of the customer. Personnel have experienced greater job satisfaction and a feeling of professionalism as a result of working with the high density shelving.

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