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Rising energy and construction costs tied to limited hospital budgets and restrictive legislation contribute to the complexity of the storage space dilemma confronting healthcare administrators today. A Spacesaver filing and storage shelving system will fill your specific healthcare storage requirements today and will free up space for patient care and revenue-generating activities in the years ahead. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

Healthcare Filing and Storage Ever Growing Storage Requirements

Ever-growing requirements for healthcare filing and storage solutions are universal to all segments of the healthcare industry from the most simplistic physician's office to the newest and most comprehensive state-of-the-art hospital facility. Each new development in healthcare delivery is accompanied by a requisite demand for the storage of instruments, supplies, medications and/or records. Each department in a hospital facility has its unique filing and storage shelving needs, from medical records to central supplies, x-rays, pharmaceuticals, surgical and pathology supplies, to histology specimens, reference libraries and even dietary reserves. Spacesaver storage shelving and filing systems can accommodate such a variety of demands.

Healthcare Filing and Storage Planning and Design Professionals

Southwest Solutions Group's team of filing and storage professionals are experts in the latest information and storage technologies. Our healthcare specialists have the knowledge and experience to analysis your filing or storage area and provide you with flexible, efficient storage and filing solutions to save floor space and people time.

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