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Last updated: April 09, 2019

Law Firm Needs To Increase Case File Storage Capacity

A well-known injury law practice was quickly running out of space for storage and staff in their building. To alleviate their problems, to firm turned to powered mobile shelving.

law firm installs powered mobile shelving in an alcove

By installing powered mobile shelving, the law firm was able to increase storage capacity for case files without building or leasing more space.

Problems the Law Firm Experienced Storing Case Files

Like most law firms, they had abundance of paper case files and journals. The law firm’s case files and journals were previously stored on static wooden shelving that offered limited adjustability and used up a large amount of floor space.

And as the case files and journals continued to multiply, so did the staff. The firm was faced with the challenge of finding a solution to increase their storage capacity and add more workstations for staff within their current space. That’s when they learned about powered mobile shelving.

How the Powered Mobile Shelving Increased Storage Capacity

easy access to case files in the powered mobile shelvingThe powered mobile shelving made the best use of space, since the law firm could install it in an alcove with varying heights and a sloped ceiling. Also, the firm appreciated its ease of access and usability.

With several staff members frequently accessing stored items throughout the day, it was important that the shelving system be easy to operate, and with just a push of a button, anyone can move the shelving from side-to-side and gain access where necessary.

Overall the powered mobile shelving increased the law firm’s storage capacity by 30%. And even though the shelving is mostly full, there is still plenty of room for future growth. Since the storage area was relocated, the firm was able to add six additional workstations.

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