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Last updated: July 09, 2019

increasing storage capacity

mobile high density shelving increases storage capacity for law firmA law firm with a large employee base, widely respected for its legal acumen and record of growth, had amassed an impressive growth record in its Central Records Department in particular and was having trouble finding space for the new files. With the installation of high density shelving, the law firm was able to increase their storage space and file capacity in the central records department without having to expand their existing facility. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

more space in the same footprint

Before high density shelving, all of the firm’s files were stored in 600 four-drawer file cabinets located in one section of the building. Filing space was so tight that the file cabinets had to be stacked on top of each other. To reach the uppermost files, employees had to retrieve and climb up a stepladder.

When the firm decided to move offices, the Central Records Department was authorized to modernize its filing operations. Though high density storage couldn’t be used in the previous building, it was an ideal solution for their new headquarters. After some consideration, the law firm decided to install electrically-powered high density shelving storage systems.

The system consists of fourteen 45’ long electric carriages and four stationary carriages. The shelving units on the carriages measure 88” high, 35” wide, and 15” deep and is designed to hold legal-size file folders, boxes, and other office supplies.

compact mobile high density shelving for central records departmentBecause the law firm was particularly concerned about safety, they requested an automatic safety floor to be installed. The safety floor stops all carriage movement whenever there is an obstruction in the aisle, such as a person or a dropped item. As an additional safety measure, the operating system was also configured so that the button that activates the carriage must be depressed while the carriage is in motion.

Though the high density shelving uses just 2,700 square feet of floor space, the system provides 9,584 linear feet of shelving. This allows the department to double their space and storage capacity while using only half as much space as lateral file drawers and cabinets. In other words, high density shelving has increased their file storage capacity by 400%. Because files can now be found quickly and easily by the entire staff, productivity and worker satisfaction has also increased dramatically.

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