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Last updated: June 27, 2019

Deed and docket book roller shelving provides easier access to stored materials

book shelving deed and docket rollerBecause courthouses are responsible for processing and maintaining documents of public record like court transcripts, hunting and fishing licenses, marriage certificates, tickets, and traffic violations, proper storage solutions must be used to ensure items can be easily accessed when needed. So when a collection of deed and docket books outgrew their current storage area, officials decided to replace it with deed and docket book roller shelving. These government courthouse storage cabinets provided easily access to stored materials with the help of rollers. The rollers, positioned underneath the deed and docket books, assist in making retrieval of items simpler and more efficient (see images).

Preserve deed and docket books with government courthouse storage

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The unique design features of deed and docket book roller shelving permit for books to stored on their side without causing them to lose shape. The presence of a slight gap between each level of shelving allows for air to circulate and be distributed evenly throughout these government courthouse storage cabinets. This helps to preserve the contents inside and minimize damage which may be brought on because of poor ventilation in the building.

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Deed and docket book roller shelving designed to meet your needs

book roller deed and docket shelvingDeed and docket book roller shelving and government courthouse storage cabinets are available in many different designs. From wall and free-standing units to high capacity and double-sided options, you can choose the storage solution that best meets your needs. All deed and docket book roller shelving conveniently stores books, materials, and records in a neat, organized fashion so information can be obtained faster.

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