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Last updated: July 09, 2019

Whiteboard End Panels on Mobile Shelves

mobile shelving three piece whiteboard end panelsA unique solution with three-piece whiteboard end panels on mobile high density armory shelves and tactical readiness lockers were installed at a Naval base to help further organize their storage. The three-piece whiteboard end panels were an engineered-to-order solution that was so successful that it became the standard for all end panels of their mobile high density shelves and lockers throughout the entire base. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

More Applications for the Three-Piece Whiteboard End Panels

The three-piece white board was first engineered for only a single panel of the high density storage solution created specifically for the Naval base's armory storage. The end panel consists of a 30" high dry erase whiteboard between two laminate seconds and helps the Navy personnel manage their stored inventory and provide convenient location to write notes.

whiteboard end panels mobile high density armory shelves

The three-piece whiteboard end panels were so well-received on the mobile high density armory shelves that the Naval base included them on their Tactical Readiness Lockers as well. A system of 600 custom made tactical readiness lockers were created for the base battalion warehouses, totaling several thousand lockers and providing storage space for soldiers to secure their gear on base instead of their previous storage situation, which was keeping their gear in their house or car. The three-piece whiteboard end panels were installed on each of the ends of these TRL systems.

The three-piece whiteboard end panels were also utilized in the base's Central Issue Facility (CIF). The end panels were installed on their mobile 4-post shelving system used to store their uniforms, boots, and issued gear, while the end panels provided space for base personnel to write referential notes about what gear was stored where.

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