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Last updated: June 28, 2019

Evidence Storage Shelving and High Density Evidence Storage Shelving

Evidence storage shelving and high density evidence shelving organizes evidence to save space and high density evidence shelving will use half the floorspace as traditional shelving. Or if your evidence is growing you can double your storage evidence storage capacity in the same floorspace. High density evidence shelving can also lock up for additional evidence security. Spacesaver high density storage shelving is designed to ensure that deposited evidence remains within the "Chain of Custody" until it is needed to be presented in court. The court justice system demands an organized and secure storage system for evidence storage and handling. The words "missing" and "tampering" have been used all too frequently when describing the handling of evidence storage. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

Flexible Evidence Storage Shelving to Store Those Difficult Items

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Our evidence storage shelving is flexible and easy to adjust. With over 1,200 shelving accessories we can store anything from a microchip to an aircraft engine. Some items we can store with no problem are:

  • Rifle boxes up to 55" long including EVI-PAQ rifle boxes
  • Audio and video tapes
  • Pistols
  • Bikes

Other Evidence Storage Solutions

In addition to our Spacesaver high density storage shelving, we have other storage solutions for your property and evidence storage areas including: evidendence storage lockers handling solutions

Law Enforcement Facilities Design and Planning Services

Need help designing and planning your evidence facility? Southwest Solutions Group specializes in planning and design of law enforcement facilities. Contact us today and we will provide a no cost space analysis for your existing or new facility.


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