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greater storage density with high capacity parts shelving

Traditional, stationary shelving requires space for fixed aisles so the items in the shelves can be accessed. Have you ever thought about how much space you could take back if your shelving system didn't require the constant use of aisle space? Mobile high density storage provides high capacity parts shelving for storing automotive parts that saves space while increasing revenues. (read more about high density storage systems)

mobile high density storage shelving for increasing storage space

mobile high density storage for storing automotive parts and toolsThe mobile high density racks are beneficial to companies in multiple departments, including automotive parts storage. Instead of traditional stationary shelving, high capacity shelves feature movable, dynamic carriages that can be moved on rolling tracks to transform fixed aisles into storage space. Typically, you can save 50% of your floor space by converting your stationary shelving into mobile high density storage. To access stored parts, the operator simply has to turn a crank type handle (or push a button) to create an accessible aisle. With the mobile high density racks, storing all types of automotive parts and tools is easy and accessible. (See videos See videos)

High capacity parts shelving is ideal for growing businesses who need to expand, but also need to keep cost and efficiency in mind. One car dealership installed mobile high density storage systems for their automotive parts storage. With their traditional storage, their aisles were only 24" wide. The small aisles were hard to move in, much less find parts. The dealership decided they could improve working conditions and increase revenues with mobile high density shelves. After installing the high capacity parts shelving, they were able to not only create wider movable aisles, and they were also able to store three times the parts in the same amount of floor space.

Types of mobile high density storage systems

high capacity parts shelving for maximizing floor spaceThere are three types of modes of operation for mobile high capacity parts shelving: manual, mechanical-assist, and powered.

  • Manual: The operator pulls a handle to move the carriage from side to side on tracks. Best for smaller systems with lighter loads.
  • Mechanical-assist: The mobile units are moved by turning an ergonomic three-spoke rotating handle. The use of the handle allows the movement of weights up to 10,000 lbs. with just one pound of effort from the operator.
  • Powered: The operator needs only to push a button to provide immediate access to stored goods. There are multiple optional accessories that can be added onto the powered mode, including a wide array of safety measures.

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