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High Density Rolling Track and Dollies Help Production Line Operate at Its Peak

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In today’s competitive business environment, the manufacturer on top will be the one who is able to produce more products at less cost. One way to improve productivity while reducing costs is by smarter storage with High Density Rolling Track and Dollies. That is exactly what a leading Cable Production Company did to improve production line parts storage when they moved to a new facility that was 75 percent smaller. (High Density Rolling Track and Dollies Images)

Increasing Production Line Storage with High Density Rolling Track and Dollies

The company's plan to reduce costs and increase productivity centered on smarter storage of parts at the production line using High Density Rolling Track and Dollies. Production line parts storage at the previous facility was in a remote area away from the production line which resulted in wasted time retrieving and delivering parts to the production line where they were used. The High Density Rolling Track and Dollies compacted 2,000 square feet of storage from the previous facility into just 613 square feet at the new facility.

In addition, High Density Rolling Track and Dollies were installed in the Maintenance Department reducing their storage space from 4,000 square feet to 828 square feet.

Production Line High Density Rolling Track and Dollies Design

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The high capacity production line parts storage system consisted of eight, twenty foot long rolling rows of shelving that moved back and forth on tracks. The track and dolly shelving system compacts storage in less floor space by converting multiple static shelving access aisles into a floating access aisle. The shelving dollies move by pushing a button to open a storage access aisle when and where needed. The system uses a passive safety system called Zero Force to protect workers while retrieving parts in a floating storage aisle (click here to watch a video about the Zero Force Sensor safety system).

The High Density Rolling Track and Dollies were designed with adjustable shelves to accommodate different sized production line parts and large roll-up locking doors to help manage inventory control of parts.

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