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Last updated: March 17, 2021

Save Space and Money With Industrial Mechanical Assist High-Density Shelving

industrial mechanical assist high density racksFor many businesses, especially warehouses, distribution hubs, and manufacturing plants, space is money. The more you can optimize your space, the more room you have to increase your storage capacity. At Southwest Solutions Group®, we offer a variety of high-density storage products. One of our most popular storage solutions is industrial mechanical assist high-density shelving. 

What Is Mechanical Mobile Shelving?

Mobile high-density shelving places high-capacity shelves on a track, allowing the shelves to move together. This system eliminates unused aisle space, often cutting required storage floor space in half. The number of shelves and access aisles will depend on the needs of your company.

High-density mobile shelving can operate using two different systems: a powered push-button system or a mechanical hand-crank system. 

How Rolling Hand Crank Storage Shelving Works

A hand crank control provides mechanical assistance when moving the shelves, making it easy for a single person to move up to six rows of shelving without a significant effort. The handle rotates smoothly to move several rows of shelves that can store thousands of pounds of weight. The hand crank’s three-spoke handle is ergonomically designed to make rotation quick and comfortable.

Safety Is a Priority

Our mechanical assist mobile systems include built-in safety features to avoid accidents and injuries. Each mechanical assist handle includes a safety lock with a visual indicator showing the lock/unlock status. When a user pushes in the safety pin, the handle locks in place and will not rotate, preventing the shelves from moving and protecting anyone or anything in the aisle. Several additional optional safety features are also available. 

Design and Installation of Mechanical Mobile Shelving

mechnical-assist high-density shelvingNot sure how an industrial mechanical assist high-density shelving system would operate in your facility? We have good news: if you’ve already invested heavily in high-capacity shelving, there’s a good chance your existing shelves, bulk racks, cabinets, and pallet racks can be incorporated into a mobile shelving system.

Second, our talented design team can help you plan the perfect system for your needs. Our team is knowledgeable in ADA compliance, fire compliance, floor load implications, and innovative layout designs. 

Finally, our factory-trained installation team has installed over 15,000 manual and powered mobile shelving units. They can’t wait to put their talents to work for you!

It’s Time to Upgrade Your Storage With Mechanical Mobile Shelving

We believe that the right storage solutions can revolutionize the way a business operates – just ask our many happy customers. For over 50 years, Southwest Storage has been in the business of storage solutions. Check out our helpful blog, and contact us when you are ready to invest in rolling hand crank storage shelving.


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