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Last updated: August 17, 2020

Industrial High Density Shelving and racks Will Make Your Facility More Efficient

Industrial high density mobile storage shelving and racks is built for heavy duty warehouse, distribution, manufacturing, and other industrial applications. High Density mobile shelving reduces your storage floor space to one-half the floorspace required by traditional stationary storage shelving!

Cut Your Floorspace in Half with High Density Shelving and racks

Do you know how much floor space are you really wasting? Based on years of surveying storage facilities, our experience shows that most storage facilities waste over half of their storage areas with unnecessary aisles. High Density shelving and racks takes multiple traditional aisles and replaces them with one or more moveable aisles based on your activity level.

Put Your Existing Shelving and racks on to High Density Equipment

Are you wondering if your existing shelving can be used on our high density equipment? In just about all cases the answer is yes! You can reduce your investment by installing your shelving, bulk racks, and pallet racks onto new High Density equipment

Avoid New Construction with High Density Shelving and racks

Thinking about expanding or renovating your facility? High Density shelving and racks can provide the operational floor space you need without the costly disruption and added expense of new construction. Imagine adding a new production line or inventorying a new product line without adding new floorspace or leasing new space. The most efficient facilities maximize the use of their floorspace lowering air conditioning and heating costs, lighting costs, and insurance costs.

Planning a Well Organized Space Efficient High Density shelving System

Planning and designing a well organized high density storage system is an important part of our business. Our experienced representatives understand how to eliminate wasted air space in your storage areas by providing the proper storage equipment for the materials being stored. In addition, we will analyze the flow of materials and personnel to eliminate bottlenecks that hamper the bottom line profits of your organization. Contact us today and one of our industrial storage specialists will show you how you can make your facility more efficient.