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maximizing storage space for new building

high density systems save filing space for transportation departmentA transportation department, along with several other state agencies, moved into a new building and needed to ensure that they were using their space efficiency.  The department decided to utilize 12 high-density mobile storage systems to save filing space throughout their offices.


The high-density systems saved the transportation department fifty percent of their file space and repeat the efficiencies they had achieved with the mobile systems they had installed previously at their old facility.

Previously, the department had to move into a new space unexpectedly due to a fire that had caused them to lose a building and move into a temporarily leased space. They used high-density storage to minimize their space utilization and lease occupancy costs.

The department relies on the high-density systems because of their reliability and maintenance-free design. Now, filing systems are placed on several floors in three wings on each floor. The systems are conveniently placed in open office areas close to where files are needed the most.high density storage with shelving bins cabinets

A high-density system in the sales store holds two types of materials: bid documents and publications, as well as maps for sale. The system is designed so that there is an aisle for each area of storage and personnel working in each function can access materials without having to wait. The bid documents for the state include heavy flat plans stored in drawers, rolled plans, and files. Publications and maps are stored in another area of the system.

Confidential records, located in several areas of the building, are stored in mobile systems outfitted with standard shelving with lockable carriage to restrict access or are secured behind locked doors. Special design criteria were also incorporated into the mobile high-density system for proper integration on the raised floor systems throughout the building. The structural “T” rail system was chosen to allow proper load distribution on the floor supports located on two-foot centers.

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