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Last updated: April 22, 2015

transforming records management

space saving high density storage improves records management & organizationAn independent non-profit pension and benefits company needed a more effective and efficient records management approach that would also maximize their limited storage space. With the installation of space saving high density storage along with consulting and conversion services as well as new storage equipment and tracking software, the benefits group was able to improve their records management and maximize their storage density.

When the benefits group experienced a reduction in staff levels due to automation and operational streamline, the company's administrators decided to move to a smaller and more convenient location that would be conductive to staff and material centralization. However, the new storage space did not accommodate all of the materials previously stored in more than 100 file cabinets. The agency was also in need of replacing its current file tracking technology with a more configurable and customizable one.

how high density storage systems helped

The space efficient, automated filing system maximized square footage, decreased retrieval times, eliminated the risk of lost of misplaced files, and ensured the accountability needed for every record. Because of the severe liability caused by a lost file, the system proved to be an invaluable asset. The new system is also more user-friendly and accurate than the old system.

The space saving high density storage system was designed to meet the company's exact needs at every stage of records management. The high density system with configurable four-post shelving was selected for on-site storage of pension and general records. It accommodates large boxes as well as side-tab shelf-based records and 350,000 micro media records.

high density storage shelving systems organize & secure records onsiteA full conversion of records was managed prior to the move. Their top-tab records were transferred out of cabinets and converted to color-coded numeric side-tab files for use on the shelf-based mobile system. The operation was quick, clean, and simple with the use of outside experienced conversion staff.

The company also adopted a file tracking system to maintain constant track of document locations. Continually accounting for records was a monumental task due to their multiple field offices accessing records, off-site storage, and multiple records formats. Now, when a file is pulled out of storage for on-site or field office use or to be sent for microfilming, the barcode technology instantly enters in the new location data. 

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