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Last updated: July 08, 2019

Newsroom Remodel Creates Opportunity to Redo Storage

newsroom high density shelving stores newspaper resourcesWhen a large daily paper remodeled its newsroom, they took the opportunity to centralize materials and create a more comprehensive resource library. Ensuring materials were accessible was very important, as well as fitting everything into the tight space. Using high density shelving was the perfect solution, because the system could hold everything the newsroom had to store in one-fourth of the space of their old storage shelves. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

Safety First in the High Density Shelving

Prior to the remodel, materials and information were scattered throughout the building in different departments and storage areas. This made it a time-consuming and difficult task for reporters and library staff to locate necessary information to complete a story. As a result, many of the materials just weren’t used.

The staff chose powered high density shelving with a zero force safety system – a completely passive safety feature – to ensure the system was both easy and safe to use. The added locking feature on the shelving was also a plus for the newspaper. Rare photos and clippings would be protected from potential pilferage and unauthorized access.

High Density Shelving Keeps Recourses Easily Accessible

easily access stored resources in high density shelvingThe high density shelving was customized to store the specific types of media the newspaper had. Books are stored on cantilever shelves and periodicals are displayed in a browsing area on hinged periodical shelves. Old clips are stored in small envelopes placed in plastic trays on the shelves. Maps and other oversized materials are stored in large hanging files while photographic prints are stored in standard sized hanging files.

The high density shelving also features mail slots for staff members and easily accessible end-aisle shelving for phone books. Expansive drawer storage for microforms and flat storage for bound newspaper copies was also incorporated into the shelving.

Because the high density shelving reduced the floor space required for storage, the newspaper can use the space for more productive activities. The high density shelving has made the newsroom’s reporters and editors’ jobs more efficient and accurate. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week all of the resources needed to complete a story are easily available to the more than 350 journalists. Now when there is a breaking news story and the staff needs historical clippings, they can access them in a matter of minutes.

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