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Mechanical Assist Compact Shelving

mechanical assist high density control handleMechanical assist high-density compact hand crank shelving provides an easy way to save space by rolling back and forth on floor tracks to reduce floor space. In addition to space savings, the hand crank shelving includes many additional features that make this storage solution an ideal way to ensure safety, productivity, organization, security, and more. Click here to learn more about high-density compact shelving.

Hand Crank Shelving Features

To move the shelves, users simply turn an ergonomically-designed, soft-touch, three-spoke handle. The sturdy design allows users to move shelving that weighs up to 10,000 lbs. using only one pound of effort—you can even turn the handle using just one finger. This ensures that anyone and everyone is able to use the shelving.

compact hand crank shelving features ada floor railADA-compliant rails are installed flush to the floor. By removing all gaps between the floor and the track, these rails are the safest in the industry because they prevent tripping hazards that could injure someone wearing high heels or using mobility aids.

Cardholders are included on each end panel to allow users to easily identify what is in each aisle so they can quickly find what they need without having to search.

Multiple safety features make the mechanical assist high density shelving the safest in the industry. When an aisle is opened, the user simply pushes in a lock pin to keep the handle from rotating. When the pin is pulled out, the handle is allowed to rotate and the shelving can be moved again. The pin is color-coded to provide visual indicators as to whether the carriages are locked or revit bim models

Since compact hand crank shelving is low-maintenance, it's unlikely that it will need to be serviced. However, if the chain tension needs to be adjusted, a tensioning device is provided on each carriage that allows for adjustment without removing the end panels. This allows maintenance crews to get in and get out quickly, which saves you money, or you could adjust the tension yourself.

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