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Manual hand crank & powered high capacity shelving includes multiple features that make it a more valuable storage system than static shelves and racks. With mobile operation, the high capacity shelving can reduce your storage footprint by half in addition to increasing safety, ergonomics, organization, and productivity. No matter which system you choose, you're guaranteed to improve your space. (Learn more about high-density mobile shelving.)

One of the best things about high capacity shelving is that it can be used for almost any application in any industry, from small to large. Click here to see more on manual hand crank versus powered high capacity shelving.

Manual Hand Crank Shelving Features

manual hand crank high capacity shelving featuresAs shown in the video above, the high capacity shelving is moved by turning a three-spoke handle. Even of your shelves are storing thousands of pounds, the shelves can be moved with just one pound of effort—or one finger. This ensures that anyone can access the shelving.

All manual systems come with an anti-roll safety feature that is easy to implement. To activate it, the user simply pushes in a pin on the face of the hand crank. While the pin is pushed in, the shelves are unable to move. To move the shelves again, simply pull the pin out and turn the revit bim models

Though high capacity shelving is very low-maintenance, sometimes the chain tension needs to be adjusted. On hand crank shelving, this can be done easily, quickly, and without removing the face panel. This means you spend less money on maintenance crews, or you can even do it yourself.

Powered Shelving Features

powered high capacity shelving push button featuresPowered shelving is the ideal choice for storage that requires enhanced safety, security, and usability features.

With touchscreen interface control, a user can move up to 80 double or single-sided units with just the push of a button, making them great for large storage areas or storage of heavy and bulky items.

All powered systems also come with OSHA-approved integrated safety sweeps to prevent injury to users and damage to stored items in aisles. If the aisle is moving while a person or item is in it, the safety sweep will detect the obstruction and automatically stop the aisle's movement. Once the aisle is cleared, the system is reset and can move again.

The ADA compliant rail guidance eliminates gaps in the floor that could pose tripping hazards or difficulty with mobility devices. If there is an electrical outage, powered shelving also comes with an override battery pack that connects directly to the control unit to allow you to access your storage even if your power is out.

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