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Last updated: August 06, 2015

adapting Mobile Storage Systems to technology shifts

LCD touchscreen technology control panel on mobile systemsThe technological environment of today’s world is constantly changing, including in the workplace. With the latest technology available at lightning speeds, mobile storage systems need to be able to keep up with this technology shift as well and be able to adapt to new customer demands. LCD touchscreens may very well be the solution to upgrade mobile storage into the new technological age with its better security, ease of use and ability to improve operations or be an efficient addition to your workspace.

upgrading mobile storage Controls

For security, the LCD touchscreens offer a way for each carriage on a mobile system to be programmed by a specific lock code, and can also be combined with PIN code or swipe card identification and audit tracking functions. In addition to increased security, the technology can also streamline the use of a mobile system for a wide audience with its modern, intuitive, and easy to use features.

The LCD touchscreens come standard on powered mobile storage systems, and are also available on motorized pallet racking and other high density warehouse storage systems. The touchscreens are 4.3" and display imaged with great clarity and rich color, along with providing many additional benefits and features.

Ease of Uselcd touchscreen upgrade mobile storage for better security & ease of use

  • Interactive and dynamic screen with menu, arrows, stop signs, and other intuitive icons and colors. The screen changes to display the possible system movements and menu options available, so only relevant prompts are displayed at any given time to eliminate confusion. These visual features help to make it the easiest to operate and intuitive mobile system control.
  • Easy set-up wizard with no computer or software needed for setting up the system and managing users. Desired features can be accessed directly on the touchscreen and activated in just a few minutes.
  • Reconfigurable by users; no service technician needed.
  • Built-in tutorials act as a virtual Owner's Manual to ensure user understanding of the system's features and operations.
  • System diagnostics are clearly displayed on the screen to provide simple and intuitive servicing and troubleshooting.
  • Voice prompts and button-click sounds with volume control, allowing for adjustment to user preferences.
  • Icon buttons easily control aisle and bay lighting of aisles.


  • Controlled audit access is available via PIN or card authorization.
  • Once downloaded from the control pad, audit logs can be viewed with any spreadsheet program or text viewer.
  • Infrared remote control option grants administrators and/or users the option to operate the system from a distance without having to physically touch the control pad.


  • For safety and simplicity, users can touch anywhere on the screen to stop the carriage motion.
  • Override with clear instructions and warnings allows a user to safely operate the system when normal operation cannot be restored after a safety shutdown.

Additional Benefits

  • Customizable LCD interface with options for custom graphics, colors, screen savers, and languages.
  • Built-in port for battery override, allowing operation of system in case of power failure.

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