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Last updated: February 24, 2021

Spacesaver Storage Systems Awarded Equalis Contract

spacesaver equalis high density storageIf you're considering building new, modernizing, or retrofitting storage areas to incorporate high-density storage solutions, then Spacesaver storage is the way to go.

Businesses across many industries need high-density storage solutions to increase their flexibility, lessen search times, maximize underutilized space, and more. That extra space frees up areas for other uses, including accommodating staff expansions, developing collaborative spaces, creating additional meeting spaces, organizing another storage space, and more.

Professionals face various challenges when storing biological materials, data, documents, and other sensitive materials for lengthy timeframes. These challenges include confidentiality, item retrieval, space, tracking, and more. Spacesaver storage system designs help put items at a user's fingertips without taking up too much space in an existing footprint.

Understanding the Equalis Group Contract

The Equalis Group has contracts with many vendors, including Spacesaver storage. Under this particular Equalis Group contract, equipment storage solutions are available for qualifying facilities, including government offices, public schools, and universities.

The Spacesaver company is a pioneer in the compact mobile storage niche. Throughout the company's history, its expansion includes optimizing solutions for industries across the board. Examples include:high density shelving movea

  • Athletic equipment storage
  • Education storage
  • Evidence lockers
  • Healthcare supply storage
  • Library shelving
  • Museum storage cabinets
  • Secure weapons racks

The company creates custom solutions with designers and end-users that branch beyond their standard product line. Spacesaver works with a team of in-house engineers, manufacturers, and project managers in conjunction with an extensive distributor network. That way, they can provide every client with beautiful, reliable, and well-designed storage solutions.

Highlights of the Equalis contract include the following:

  • Working diligently to ensure clients receive the solutions they need. Therefore, they offer a comprehensive selection, including high-density mobile storage systems and more.
  • Offering discounts on the majority of their storage solutions
  • Providing nationwide coverage using area contractors and locally-owned distribution channels
  • It delivers turn-key solutions that include design, installation, maintenance, off-site system storage, project management, reconfiguration services, and staging.

Each Equalis Contract award occurs through an RFP (Request for Proposal) competitive solicitation by a city, county, school district, or other public entity. Awards are granted according to the suppliers if they meet financial and non-financial requirements.

Why Facilities Should Use Spacesaver Storage

Those working in educational facilities, municipal buildings, and other public entities understand the challenges of accommodating long-term storage. For example, documents might not take up a significant amount of space when you look at them individually. But, when you have reams of them, they're heavy and require large storage areas.

There's no value in underutilized spaces within a facility. Storage acts as the backbone for many facilities beyond that of the manufacturing or retail industry. Keeping workflows steady, including in storage areas, includes ensuring workers and other staff members have easy access to items.

When educational and other public facilities embrace Spacesaver storage solutions' benefits, that means quick access and maximizing space is part of a staff member's everyday routine. Here are some additional reasons why facilities should incorporate high-density Spacesaver storage solutions:powered mobile high density racks

Maximize space

Space around many facilities is in high-demand—any areas where storage is an area where other activities could occur. At the same time, people working within or using these facilities need areas to store items. High-density storage enables facilities to maximize storage spaces using shelving that rolls along rails on the floor.


High-density storage solutions enable facilities to keep an accurate inventory of items, retrieve them effectively, and restock items as necessary.

Save time and space

High-density storage allows facilities to store multiples of the same items in a single location. For example, facilities can store equipment and uniforms for multiple sports in one system for athletic gear.

How Spacesaver Storage Improves Efficiency

Having efficient storage is one thing, but when facilities must regularly access that storage, high-density storage provides quick and easy access to what they need. Incorporating these Spacesaver storage solutions allows facilities to access items they frequently use on a day-to-day basis. Additional ways Spacesaver storage improves efficiency include the following:

  • Facilitating searching: Facilities might be using their storage spaces efficiently regarding contents, but that often doesn't include access. If the contents aren't easily accessible, that hampers efficiency and productivity. High-density storage provides a structural and straightforward way of bringing organization and facilitating searching within a storage space.
  • Maximizing available space: Facilities can increase their storage space by up to 50%. That means facilities can implement a wide variety of organizational strategies that increase efficiency and maximize space for more items when they use high-density storage.
  • Productivity improvements: With improvements to efficiency, facilities can count on that trickling down to productivity improvements. That means logically and efficiently using space to help workers stay on task. The efficiency that high-density storage prevents disorganization and other distractions workers might encounter when arriving at a storage space.

High-density Spacesaver storage systems help improve efficiency and maximize space in a variety of work environments. When mounting storage components and shelving on carriages that travel along tracks on a facility's flooring, that helps eliminate wasted aisle space, improve efficiency, and increase storage capacity.

Benefits and Features of High-Density Storage

One of the most significant benefits of incorporating high-density storage within a facility is maximizing space. When facilities implement mobile storage, that means they're cutting their existing storage space in half. They're also eliminating wasted space stationary access aisles typically use. That gives facilities the freedom to repurpose those former storage areas into better-performing areas.

Additional benefits include:

  • Floor tracks ensure the carriage moves uniformly.equalis group contract spacesaver high density
  • Increases storage areas by up to 50%
  • Mechanical assist allows users to operate thousands of pounds of storage with minimal effort.
  • Modular design accommodates future expansion and reconfigurations.
  • Mobile carriages can hold up to 750 pounds per linear foot.

When facilities have too much to store and not enough space, they need high-quality features from their Spacesaver storage solutions. This storage equipment fills many needs, including providing file shelving to accommodating art collection and library book storage. There's no longer the need for facilities to fill spaces with static shelving and useless access aisles.

Additional features include:

  • Adjustable shelves with backstops
  • Movable aisles in varying widths
  • Movable carriages with end panels and three-spoke control handles
  • Movable double-sided shelving units with adjustable shelves and center stops
  • Storage capacities that are equivalent to five-drawer lateral filing cabinets

How High-Density Storage Benefits Military Personnel

The military must find storage solutions allowing them to store as much as possible within a minimal amount of space. High-density storage provides efficient and secure solutions that keep weapons and gear safe while maximizing storage areas.

In addition to providing enhanced efficiency, high-density storage has many advantages to military personnel, especially their weapons storage. Here are some of the essential benefits:

  • Secure weapons storage: Military facilities can add several security layers, including keypads or combination locks, to keep weapons completely safe.
  • Inventory controls: Facilities can provide quick and secure access to military personnel while simultaneously monitoring inventory.
  • Maximize storage areas: Upgrading to high-density storage means military facilities can double their storage space without compromising security.

Incorporating these storage solutions into a military facility helps increase workflows, improve productivity, and maximize efficiency.

Technical Specifications and Design

As storage needs for educational facilities and government offices continue to grow, so is the need for better-designed material handling systems. Usually, facilities work with in-house engineering teams. Architects and designers provide innovative high-density storage solutions to the athletic, educational, legal, and military industry, and more.equalis contract awarded spacesaver storage

General Technical Specifications:

  • ADA-approved floor tracks
  • Anti-tip safety mechanisms
  • Shelving uprights that recess into the carriages
  • Up to a five-year warranty for material defects

High-Density Storage Solutions

It isn't uncommon for government offices and public schools to face space challenges. Implementation of high-density Spacesaver storage solutions means maximizing these storage spaces. The technical specifications differ for each of these systems, including their height, storage capacity, and more. Here are two examples:

Model: Aisle Saving High-Density Shelving: #SMS-72-SSG-EML9672G

  • Carriages: Support up to 750 pounds per lineal foot
  • Dimensions: 11'3" Wide x 9' Deep x 6'8" High
  • Handles: Three-spoke handles 40" from the base
  • Includes: Carriages, shelving, and tracks
  • Shelves: Dual-entry with center points on moveable carriages
  • Wheels: Machined at a 3" diameter

Model: Steel Office High-Density Shelving: #SMS-72-SSG-EML7274L

  • Carriages: Support 750 pounds
  • Dimensions: 14'2" Wide x 7' Deep x 6'8" High
  • Handles: Three-spoke handles 40" from base
  • Includes: Carriages, shelving, and tracks
  • Shelves: Movable carriages with dual-entry and center points
  • Wheels: Machines at a 3" diameter

When facilities have expert designers on staff, that means they can integrate high-density storage solutions within their existing footprint. Implementing Spacesaver storage solutions into a facility involves several architectural and design phases.

Architectural and design features:

  • Developing specs following a thorough site evaluation
  • Creating CAD drawings
  • Presenting plans
  • Integrating the project within the existing footprint
  • Installation of the high-density storage solution

Spacesaver Storage Solutions for Multiple Industries

Southwest Solutions Group® provides innovative design and installation results for Spacesaver storage. Reach out to one of our design team members today by email or call us at 1-866-445-8859. They'll walk you through which of these high-density storage solutions are best for your business.


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