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Last updated: January 26, 2015

Engineering Firm Reduces Lease Space with High Density Storage

high density storage system for engineering reference materials

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An engineering company moved from two floors to one floor of a downtown high-rise building. Downsizing their offices by 50% allowed the company to stay in the upscale building while reducing lease costs and overhead. To make the move possible, the firm incorporated high density mobile storage systems and stationary shelving ranges for storing reference materials. These storage systems enabled the firm to maintain their storage capacity in half the space.

What the Engineering Firm Wanted for the New Space

Facility planners used this opportunity to take a fresh approach to the design of the new space. The firm wanted to improve efficiency and workflow while creating a more professional and modern office, with the overall goal of improving communication. Because of the open design concept with very few walls and as many as 7,000 binders to store, the engineering firm needed a creative storage solution to help them achieve their design goals.

How the Firm Used the High Density Mobile Storage System

The company used three high density mobile storage systems to condense infrequently accessed engineering reference materials, which freed up room for more workspace. In fact, without the high density mobile storage systems, the firm would not have been able to consolidate into less space. The systems managed to use over 50% less storage space than the firm’s old storage system while increasing storage capacity.shelving ranges used as natural barriers and binder storage

In addition, more than 100 stationary shelving ranges were included at the new office. Strategically positioned, double-sided case-type stationary shelving ranges, located around the perimeter and throughout the open-office workspaces, store highly accessed project reference materials and engineering data close to where they are needed, while also providing a room divider between office groupings.

Overall, thousands of binders were successfully stored throughout the facility on high density mobile storage systems or stationary shelving. Employees have everything they need at their fingertips and items are more organized than ever before.

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