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Touchscreen LCD Control Panels for High Density Racks

lcd touchscreen automatic powered high density racksLCD technology has already become a standard part of our daily lives, from our cell phones to kiosks and ATM machines. Your high density shelving should be able to keep up with the most innovative technology to ensure that you're getting the most out of your storage. Automatic powered high density racks with touchscreen LCD technology panels are quickly becoming a standard and convenient part of high density storage to provide even more efficient, safer, and easier use. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

Touchscreen LCD Technology Features

The dynamic 4.3" touchscreen LCD display makes it easier than ever for users to store and access the items they need in a safer and more secure way. The integrated control of the LCD touchscreen technology panels offer many innovative features, including:free revit bim models

  • Ease of use: The interactive LCD touchscreens utilize menus, arrows, and other intuitive icons and easy-to-see colors that make it easy for even inexperienced users to operate the system. The touchscreens also have built-in tutorials with simple set-up wizards designed for any user.
  • touchscreen lcd technology panels on automatic high density racksSecurity: PIN code or swipe card authorization provides controlled audit access for enhanced security and regulation. Audit logs can easily be downloaded and viewed by the system manager to regulate who has accessed the system and when.
  • Safety: In addition to standard safeguards already built into the automatic powered high density racks, the system will stop the motion of the mobile carriages if anywhere on the control screen is touched.
  • Customization: The touchscreen LCD technology panels can be customized with different standard and custom graphics, colors, screen savers, and languages to fit the specific needs of your application.
  • Extensively tested: Not only have the touchscreen LCD technology panels been thoroughly tested for durability and user-tested for usability, but it has been tested by customers themselves in two different applications where it proved to be an invaluable asset to both. Click here to read about high density touchscreen LCD technology in HR, and click here to read about touchscreen technology in libraries.

Any market and application involving privacy, security, and audit controls would benefit from installing touchscreen LCD technology panels on their automatic powered high density racks. The touchscreen interface is intuitive, easy to use, secure, customizable, and mirrors what people already use every day.

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