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Last updated: January 19, 2018

Versatile high capacity garment racks save space for productivity

high capacity garment racksRolling high capacity garment racks are a sanitary shelving solution with the versatility to save space. They're designed with adjustable wire shelves that slide into a compacted footprint while set up on floor tracks to create mobile retail clothes storage that maximizes capacity. The systems provide more space within a small existing area that users can repurpose to boost productivity. Units are easy to install and allow users to add-on units later to accommodate growing changes to inventory.

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All have chrome plated posts and hygienic wire shelving that users can rearrange to create optimal storage conditions. Their construction also includes a 1" diameter hanger rod which accepts standard hangers, so users can keep hanging apparel more organized. Any are ideal to use in commercial store backrooms that have limited space to accommodate inventory. Other applications include museums with vintage attire to keep clean and school drama or athletic departments that must store theatre costumes and sports uniforms.

Features for high capacity garment racks add value

shelves slide tracks mobile retail clothes storageThese high capacity garment racks include many other attractive features that add value to make the space-saving solution even more appealing. Among them are:

  • Systems Include floor tracks and rolling wire shelving units to speed installation
  • Industrial-type bearings allow fully-loaded wire shelving units to roll with ease on tracks, ensuring smooth operation
  • Low profile ADA compliant tracks made of non-corrosive stainless steel and anodized aluminum for lasting durability and rust protection
  • Designed to maximize user floor space
  • Easy to install, allowing faster use
  • Rolling shelving lengths measure up to 12' long to accommodate user storage needs
  • Users can add-on tracks and shelving units with ease to extend the length and/or width of the storage system.
  • Manufacturer's limited warranty: Chrome shelving one year, tracks and wheels five years
  • National Sanitation Foundation certified

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