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Last updated: March 15, 2017

Stacking counter-height museum cabinet saves floorspace

stacking counter height museum cabinetSpecimens collection preservation storage now comes in a convenient stacking counter-height museum cabinet. Multiple units can be placed one on top of the other to save floorspace. This particular configuration is still optimally functional and provides an extra surface with which to work from, if not stacked. Ideal for herbariums, it has the capacity to comfortably hold anything needing up to 8.9 cubic feet space for storage. Inside the stacking counter-height museum cabinet are a dozen storage compartments. Each are separated and strengthened with support from beaded center divider. There is also additional space at both the front and back of the specimens collection preservation storage compartments to help

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 with free circulation of air and fumigants. The stacking counter-height museum cabinet is just one configuration of museum storage offered for herbarium and botany collections. (Read more about herbarium cabinets

Specimens collection preservation storage features

You can rest assured whatever is stored inside this stacking counter-height museum cabinet is safe and secure, no matter what. This is because it comes with any number of standard, as well as optional features that work to ensure their condition remains as pristine as possible.

specimens collection preservation storageStandard Features

  • Inside accesible Level-Ease™ swivel levelers allow adjustment for proper cabinet operation and placement on irregular surfaces
  • Beaded center divder keeps specimen folders from becoming damaged
  • Bright nickel-plated handware resists corrosion and flaking
  • Closed-cell Elastomeric Seal™ and three-point latching system ensure secure protection by providing an air tight seal, which is intended for preservation and infestation control
  • High-quality, non-off-gassing powder-coated finish is attractive, yet durable and will not cause any harm to cabinet contents
  • Lift-off reinforced door can be removed to assist with cabinet loading
  • Made from solid, heavy-gauge steel and reinforced welded construction for years of service
  • One 3" X 5" label holder helps with the identification of cabinet contents
  • Recessed door handle adds aisle space, while also giving the cabinet a clean look
  • WaterShield™ cap protects contents from ceiling leaks or fire sprinkler discharge

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Optional Features

  • Lever handle with lock is traditional, yet durable and comes with built-in lock
  • Lock for recessed handle facilitates secure entry into the cabinet with an integral lock
  • Magnetic fumigant pocket is made from stainless steel, holds fumigant packets and can be placed in cabinet interior without any hassle
  • Recessed pocket lever handle is stationed in a recessed door pocket for low profile cabinet

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