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Last updated: June 22, 2017

Large botanical museum cabinets safeguard specimens preserving integrity

large botanical museum cabinetsLarge botanical museum cabinets safeguard specimens from environmental factors that can damage and tarnish their integrity. Each comes with herbarium plant storage compartments to secure collections. Units have double doors that lock to limit exposure to potential harm. An air-tight seal prohibits any damage caused from contact with insects or light and prevents the buildup of moisture and dust, keeping stored herbarium collections in good condition. Click here for more on herbarium and botany storage cabinets for plant specimens.

Spacious herbarium plant storage compartments

buy museum productsOne unit accommodates 52 herbarium plant storage compartments. That's plenty of space to store an entire collection in a single area. Consolidating specimens this way allows vegetation to remain close at hand for easy referencing. Its shelves even adjust without using tools to provide collections with full use of the available space. Their construction blends one-piece 18 gauge formed steel shelves with 20 gauge reinforcements for reliable strength. Each has 16 gauge adjustable support rails that provide storage flexibility. Standard and heavy-duty shelf load capacities limited to 250 and 500 pounds per shelf and based on even weight distribution.

Features for large botanical museum cabinets

  • herbarium plant storage compartmentsThese large botanical museum cabinets feature all-welded heavy-duty steel construction. Units blend 18 gauge doors, tops, bottoms, backs and sides and a 12 gauge base for durability users can depend on. Steel inserts made from 20 gauge metal.
  • All edges are folded to provide a smooth surface that prevents snagging of folders
  • Depending on chosen cabinet size, doors have a four-point or six-point latching system to ensure air-tight storage
  • Locking compression handles help provide a tight seal
  • Total non-off gassing silicon gaskets protect stored specimens
  • Removable doors lift off of the hinges to allow storage convenience for users
  • Glass or solid doors available to increase collection visibility or security
  • Leveling base
  • Solvent-free powder-coated finish provides an attractive look that promotes environmental friendliness
  • Five-year manufacturer's warranty relating to workmanship and materials
  • Large pull-out work shelf (optional) provides convenient space for studying specimens
  • Vents (optional) maintain proper air circulation so specimen condition doesn't deteriorate

Contact us for large botanical museum cabinets

Southwest Solutions Group® provides design and installation services of large botanical museum cabinets. Free consultations are available to determine you and your business's exact needs before the design process begins. To learn more or to speak with a storage specialist, call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today.


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