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Herbarium & botany drying storage cabinets maximize capacity

herbarium and botany drying storage cabinetsMany museums, especially those devoted to the study of natural history, take the time to preserve the integrity of plants by placing specimen samples in a plant press. It helps to draw out moisture and ensures the samples are readily available for research purposes. Speed up the conservation process by using herbarium and botany drying storage cabinets. They are designed to securely and safely preserve vegetation from any number of plant classifications. This temperature-controlled storage cabinet features shelving which can be easily adjusted height wise to accommodate the safekeeping of several prepared plant presses at once. Once ready for drying, the completed plant presses can be arranged single-file, in a row to allow for maximum storage capacity to be used. They can also lay flat, if desired. In addition, because the plant presses holding the specimen samples fit neatly inside, access to collections is much improved for when research must be conducted (Buy drying cabinets online).

Herbarium drying storage cabinets securely & safely preserve vegetation

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In addition to perforated shelving that adjusts to meet your storage needs, these herbarium and botany drying storage cabinets have other design features that make it easy to securely and safely preserve vegetation used for the purpose of scientific study. They come with an control heater that can be adjusted to meet the climate requirements of specimen samples stored inside. To ensure collections are not over or under exposed to any degree of temperature, overheat and thermal protectors as well as several indicators help regulate the climate of these herbarium and botany drying storage cabinets. There is also an auto reset button. In addition, the cabinets also have perforated vents that work to help facilitate air movement. These features help ensure specimen collections are well-maintained and preserved while in storage. This allows for the samples to have a longer shelf life.

Additional features for herbarium & botany drying storage cabinets

securely and safely preserve vegetationMade in the U.S.A., these herbarium & botany drying storage cabinets come fully assembled for easy installation and use. Several color choices to match your existing decor are available, including autumn haze, black, eggshell, gray, mist gray, parchment, pebble and white. Dimensions are 29"W X 32"D X 84"H. In addition to herbarium and botany drying storage cabinets that securely and safely preserve vegetation, we offer a variety of other storage options for museums. Click here to learn more.

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