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Last updated: April 06, 2017

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RFID for LEAN Kanban Medical Supply Inventory Managementstockbox uses kanban two bin system to manage inventory

StockBox is a LEAN storage system that optimizes the management and replenishment of high-access, low-cost medical supplies. StockBox essentially automates the LEAN Kanban process by using RFID technology. When each RFID stock card is dropped into the StockBox, it automatically reads the stock card, transferring the information to the StockBox server and requesting stock replenishment. (view images of this LEAN Kanban Inventory Management System)

How the LEAN Kanban Storage Process Works with StockBox

medical supply ineventory managed with rfid stock cardsThe medical bins are stocked with a variety of supplies in two Kanban quantities. A black RFID enabled stock card is placed in front of each item’s bin. Each stock card is specific to each medical supply item. When the last item in the primary compartment is removed, the user removes the RFID stock card and drops it into the StockBox. Data is immediately sent to the StockBox server, indicating that the specific item in the particular room requires restocking.

A red card remains behind, indicating to users that restocking is in progress. In the meantime, users consume the stock remaining in the second bin, until replenishment occurs. The supply manager supervising the restocking for that area can either run regular restocking reports or receive automated restock requests as they occur.stockbox for lean medical supply inventory replenishment

As part of the restocking process and for each respective supply, the materials person moves all stock that is remaining in the secondary bin to the primary bin and places all new stock in the secondary bin. Next, they unlock the cover of the StockBox, remove the RFID stock cards, push the restock button, and confirm each item’s replenishment by waving the stock card over the StockBox. The black RFID stock card is then returned to its original location, completing the process.

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