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Condense Your Pharmaceutical Storage with RxStor Sliding Pharmacy Cabinets

Pharmacies in hospitals, clinics, retail, and university teaching facilities are in charge of ensuring that pharmaceutical drugs are distributed safely and effectively. Clinical pharmacists are also expected to not only dispense, prescribe, and administer drugs, but they are responsible for educating, counseling, and communicating with staff and patients on the use of medicines. As the job of pharmacists changes and evolves to encompass a more collaborative style of patient care, pharmacies themselves must evolve to meet these growing requirements. Available on Vizient GPO Contract #CE2900 (Vizient customers call for contract pricing.

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RxStor pharmacy pull out cabinets transform pharmacy drug and product supply storage areas into highly efficient and organized spaces. The RxStor compact sliding cabinets make storing, finding, and administering pharmaceuticals easier than ever so that clinical pharmacists can now focus more on safe high quality cost effective patient care. Southwest Solutions Group® designs, plans, and installs RxStor pull out cabinets and casework throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Tennessee, and Arkansas.

How RxStor Pull Out Cabinets Efficiently Compact Pharmaceuticals and Medicine Products

A traditional hospital or clinic pharmacy storage area is composed of shelving units with access aisles in between shelving rows. The RxStor compact storage cabinets eliminate the aisles needed in between each unit because shelving units are nested together inside of an innovative storage cabinet system. The RxStor cabinet system nests individual shelving units next to one another within the cabinet to conserve floor space. Products are retrieved and stored by pulling out individual shelving units from the RxStor storage cabinet system. Faster moving medicines and medical supplies can be organized on open shelving outside the cabinets for quick access as it is closest to the point of use. Click here to learn more about space-saving pharmacy storage solutions.

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Organizing and consolidating your stored medicines and drugs in the RxStor storage system will improve the efficiency and productivity of pharmacists and staff because the distance between the work area and stored medications is decreased. The RxStor compact cabinets also open the pharmacy area up to provide better visibility and improved workflow of people traffic. The RxStor pull out cabinet system increases the storage capacity of pharmaceutical and medical products while saving valuable floor space.

RxStor Medical Pharmacy Sliding Drug Cabinet Design and Planning Assistance

Southwest Solutions Group has expert planners to assist you with all your casework and pharmacy storage needs including designing and planning RxStor cabinet storage systems. Call us today at 1-800-803-1083 or contact us to speak with a local RxStor pharmacy shelving professional.


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