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Last updated: August 08, 2018

Rolling Mobile Shelving System Solves Hospital’s Medical Reference Library Storage Problem

A Rolling Mobile Shelving System provides needed space for Hospital's Medical Reference Library Storage. Medical staff found themselves taking way to much time to reference research information due to antiquated library storage system.

"It was hard for visitors to find the reference materials they were looking for since we were constantly shifting materials around to make room for new shelving units. The final blow came when we couldn't provide enough seating room for staff to study their referenced documents," said the Medical Reference Librarian.

The hospital decided to remodel the Medical Reference Library when they discovered a Rolling Mobile Shelving System could increase their storage capacity and open up room for more study carrels. Also, medical reference books and materials can be easily accessed by library visitors.

rolling mobile shelving system for reference library books

Unique Features of the Medical Reference Library Rolling Mobile Shelving System

The Rolling Medical Shelving System increased the reference library's storage capacity by 40%, using less floor space than the previous shelving units. Other features and benefits with the new Rolling Mobile Shelving System included:

  • Six study carrels were added in floor space recovered from using the Rolling Mobile Shelving
  • Customer's shelves were used on the new Rolling Mobile Shelving reducing the investment price
  • Standard shelving accessories were added to better store and organize magazines and periodicals
  • Custom design with varying lengths of shelving to assure complete space utilization
  • Aisle Lock Safety to protect visitors accessing reference materials

Designing and Installing Mobile Shelving Systems for Hospital Medical Reference Library Storage

Southwest Solutions Group’s team of healthcare and library storage professionals have been designing and installing Rolling Mobile Shelving Systems for hospital medical reference library storage since 1969. Our storage specialists have the knowledge and experience to analysis your needs and provide you with flexible and efficient storage solution to meet all your requirements. Send us a message or give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 to set up a free storage analysis of your area.