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manage medical facility inventory with the rfid stockbox

RFID Technology Solutions that Help Medical Facilities Move to the Future of Inventory Management

Using innovative solutions will save materials management time, money, and frustration. One innovative way is using RFID technology solutions to automate the inventory process of managing supplies and devices in medical facilities. Three unique RFID technology solutions that eliminate out-dated inventory management practices to save time, money, and improve the overall efficiencies for your hospital are StockBox, SmartCabinets, and RFID Asset Tracking Software. (view images of our RFID technology solutions) Available on Vizient GPO Contract #CE2900 (Vizient customers call for contract pricing.

RFID Technology Solution 1: StockBox

The StockBox works in conjunction with a two-bin Kanban system to manage medical supplies. Inventoried medical supplies are placed in two bins: the primary bin and the secondary bin. Once the supplies in the primary bin have been used, a RFID-enabled stock card is pulled from the label holder on the bin and dropped in the StockBox. The stock card triggers and sends an electronic notification – including the item quantity and location to the materials management team for replenishment . While the medical supplies are waiting to be re-stocked, the secondary bin becomes the new primary bin for nurses to draw supplies from. The StockBox system sends an order to the materials management team to replenish the used medical items from central supply and distribute the items new items to the secondary bin. The stock cards in the StockBox are pulled and returned to their respective cardholders to complete the transaction. (Learn more about the StockBox with RFID technology)

RFID Technology Solution 2: SmartCabinet

rfid technology solution the smart cabinet manages medical devices

The SmartCabinet uses RFID technology to manage high-value medical devices and supplies. The SmartCabinet scans or "enrolls" medical packages and boxes with using RFID labels into the SmartCabinet. Once the medical packages are in place, the SmartCabinet is locked and can only be accessed by authorized users with a RFID tag that unlocks the cabinet doors. When the authorized nurse or technician opens the doors and removes a medical device (ex. stents, catheters, implants), the RFID SmartCabinet automatically records and tracks the item to the user tag and automatically adjusts the materials management inventory system. The SmartCabinet also allows medical facilities to keep medical devices on consignment to better manage costs. (Click here for more information about the SmartCabinets with RFID technology)

RFID Technology Solution 3: Asset Tracking Software

rfid technology solution for medical facility asset tracking

Asset Tracking Software relies on RFID technology to monitor equipment, patients, supplies, and more in real-time. The Asset Tracking Software keeps tabs on “movable” assets and triggers events based on location and status. It sends alerts (text messages, emails, etc) for informed, real-time decision making. Also, depending on the conditions, the software can activate alarms or close doors. The Asset Tracking Software presents an end-to-end solution for medical facilities that need to monitor equipment, patients, supplies, etc. (Read more about our Asset Tracking Software)

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