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reduce supply chain healthcare costs with the rfid stockbox

Supply Chain Management Software Helps to Implement LEAN Practices

Although LEAN inventory management concepts have been around for a long time, they are relatively new to healthcare; however, many healthcare organizations are learning how they can implement LEAN principles like Kanban to reduce healthcare costs and eliminate waste. As healthcare providers look to reorganize and improve service levels and efficiency, materials managers are rethinking their current practices for inventory management in the PAR/utility storage room areas. Our supply chain management software – the RFID StockBox – employs LEAN practices to automate and optimize and facilitate efficient management and replenishment of inventory, which will ultimately reduce healthcare costs. With the RFID StockBox, today’s providers have new, affordable tools to effectively automate LEAN Kanban processes; thereby, eliminating manual counting, reducing waste and optimizing inventory levels, improving availability of supplies and eliminating stock-outs. (view images of the RFID StockBox)

Reduce Healthcare Costs By Integrating Kanban Methods with the RFID StockBox

Kanban is a LEAN and simple, yet effective, method for managing supplies and inventory. A properly administered Kanban system supports patients and employees by ensuring needed supplies are in the right place, at the right time, while enabling optimized inventory levels.

reduce healthcare costs over par with kanban rfid stockbox

Unlike traditional “up to PAR” systems, Kanban uses a designated reorder point to trigger replenishment of supplies. Using a “two- bin” Kanban system, users consume items as required. Upon emptying the first compartment, or primary bin, the user pulls the stock card and drops it in the RFID StockBox, triggering a call for additional supplies. While materials staff are working on replenishing supplies, the quantity remaining in the secondary bin satisfies usage until replenishment is complete.

The StockBox essentially automates the Lean Kanban process by using RFID technology. The RFID StockBox reads encoded stocking cards and transfers item information via TCP/IP or GPRS communication to the RFID StockBox server. The RFID StockBox server and software collect the information, and notifies materials managers of inventory requirements.

Benefits of the RFID StockBox Supply Chain Management Software

The StockBox allows facilities to manage inventory, effectively restock supplies and reduce healthcare costs. Here are the benefits of the RFID StockBox:use the the two bin rfid stock box for lean supply chain management

  • Eliminates manual counting
  • Right-size inventory levels
  • Eliminates stock-outs
  • Reduces inventory waste
  • Reduces overhead costs
  • First-in, first-out (FIFO)

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The RFID StockBox is supply chain management software that will enhance LEAN and Kanban practices to automate inventory management, which will reduce healthcare costs. Give us a call today at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message to learn more about how the RFID StockBox will benefit your facility.


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