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Pathology Lab high density shelves and cabinets for Paraffin blocks and Tissue samples storagePathology Labs High Density Shelves for Paraffin and Tissue Block Storage

High Density Shelves designed for Pathology Lab Paraffin and Tissue Block Storage. When patients have tissue removed at a hospital or outpatient surgery center, this tissue is sent to a pathology lab for processing, examination, and diagnosis. During this phase, lab technicians need easy access to the tissue, which is stored in paraffin blocks; however, once there is a diagnosis the pathology lab must keep the paraffin blocks almost indefinitely. This causes issues because there are increasingly more paraffin blocks to store with increasingly less space to store them in. Since Pathology Lab Paraffin and Tissue Blocks have a relatively low activity rate, High Density Shelves are the perfect solution for maximizing storage floor space. Available on Vizient GPO Contract #CE2900 (Vizient customers call for contract pricing.

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High Density Shelves Increases Storage Capacity for Paraffin and Tissue Block Storage

Everything about the High Density Shelves are tailored to leave no wasted space while storing paraffin blocks. The shelves are adjustable so that the paraffin blocks stack together and sit on the shelves with no unnecessary area in between the blocks or the shelves. In addition, the High Density Shelves will extend all the way to the storage room’s ceiling to extend the storage area and use wasted overhead space. The High Density Shelving’s heavy-duty construction can easily handle the increased weight of the paraffin blocks.

High Density Shelves Saves Space in Pathology Labs

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High Density Shelving compacts shelves together to condense the storage floor space needs. Instead of having an access aisle between each row of shelving, there are one or two movable aisles. Pathology labs will be able to double their storage in the same amount of space and still have room for future growth. Watch the video below to see exactly how easy and safe the High Density Shelves are to operate.

Designing and Installing High Density Shelves for Paraffin and Tissue Block Storage

Southwest Solutions Group provides several solutions for storing paraffin and tissue blocks including High Density Shelves and automated vertical storage. We also have storage solutions for active paraffin blocks and tissue samples that will give you easy access while providing organization, safety, and quick retrieval. Send us a message or give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 and we will get you in touch with a pathology storage expert to help you maximize your storage space.


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