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Last updated: April 07, 2017
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Moveable Shelving Solves Hospital Recreational Therapy Department Storage Problem

Moveable Shelving solves a big storage problem at Children's Hospital Recreational Therapy Department. The Recreational Therapy Department needed room for the storage of both toys and games in a centrally located area of the hospital. The toys and games were stored in the basement and the children’s hospital wanted staff to have easy access to toys and games from the playroom, classroom, and offices without losing valuable space. In addition, the Recreational Therapy Department receives donated toys of all shapes and sizes, and they needed a storage system that would adjust to accommodate their intricate needs. The solution to their storage problem was Splitting Aisle Shelves, also know as Moveable Shelving by Spacesaver®.

Features and Benefits of the Recreational Therapy Department’s Movable Splitting Aisle Shelves

Moveable Shelving rotating handle moves Storage Shelves

The hospital created a storage room adjacent to the Recreational Therapy Department's playroom and installed a moveable shelving system with Splitting Aisle Shelves. The Moveable Shelving was instrumental in the decision to move the storage area from the basement to a centralized area adjacent to the playrooms because of the amount of space it saved. Not only did the Moveable Shelving with Splitting Aisle Shelves reduce the storage space needs, it also provided additional storage for games and toys. Some other features and benefits of the Moveable Shelving were:

  • Moveable Shelving increased the storage space capacity by over 200%
  • Shelves are easily adjustable without the need of tools
  • The Moveable Shelving is extremely flexible accommodating different sizes of toys to be stored

Designing and Installing Movable Shelving With Splitting Aisle Shelves

Southwest Solutions Group’s team of storage professionals have been designing and installing Moveable Shelving in all types of applications since 1969. Our specialists have the knowledge and experience to analysis your storage problems and provide you with flexible, efficient solutions to help your business run smoother and save floorspace. Want more information? Send us a message or give us a call today at 1-800-803-1083 for a free storage assessment.