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Last updated: April 07, 2017

Hospital Bio-Medical Repair Department Storage installs moveable rack shelving

Moveable Rack Shelving Solves Hospital’s Repair Department Storage Problem

Moveable Rack Shelving solves a hospital's repair department storage problem. A local hospital found that their bio-medical repair storage area was over tasked. Parts were being left out on counters, screws and bolts were being placed in jars, and items were hard to find. The hospital wanted to implement a storage system that would increase storage capacity while storing multiple parts and supplies along with medical equipment for the bio-medical department. The repair supplies and critical parts need to be kept in a safe, secure area and maintained on hand for rapid access and repair of life saving equipment.

Unique Features of the Bio-Medical Repair Department’s Moveable Rack Shelving

Moveable Rack Shelving rolling on tracks storing hospital repair parts

The Moveable Rack Shelving stores bio-medical repair parts and patient monitors; bio-medical documentation and state inspection forms; and billing and documents of physicians and outpatient clinic areas. Moveable shelves were designed to assist employee access and assure adequate storage of repair parts with no wasted space. The Moveable Rack Shelving moves smoothly on tracks by rotating a 3-spoke handle. The handles are very easy to turn and can easily move several rows of shelves by turning one handle control.

Benefits of the Bio-Medical Repair Department’s Moveable Rack Shelving

The Moveable Rack Shelving benefited the Bio-Medical Department in several ways. First, the shelving system decreased turnaround time for equipment repair. Shelving drawers were tailored to small and medium sized parts for quicker retrieval through better organization. Secondly, the Moveable Rack Shelving more than tripled the storage of repair parts and provided room for future growth.

Designing and Installing Moveable Rack Shelving for Hospital Bio-Medical Repair Department Storage

Southwest Solutions Group’s team of storage professionals have been designing and installing Movable Rack Shelving since 1969. Our storage specialists have the knowledge and experience to analysis your storage area and provide you with flexible, efficient solutions that will make your staff more productive. Send us a message or give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 to set up a free storage analysis of your storage area today.


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