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Last updated: April 07, 2017

Mobile Cabinets Solve Hospital Clinical Service Department’s Storage Problem

Hospital Clinical Services Storage

The Clinical Services Department at a local hospital needed to consolidate and expand inventory storage and staff services within its existing space. The Clinical Services Department needed a storage system that would hold the required amount of clinical materials in less floor space while maintaining compatibility with the department’s alphabetical cataloging system. Mobile Cabinets are moving layers of shelves that compact and expand to create moveable access aisles, which made them the perfect storage solution for the Clinical Services Department.

Moving Layers of Shelves Hold Twice the Storage Capacity in Less Floor Space

The Mobile Cabinet’s moving layers of shelves hold more than twice the inventory previously stored on static shelving and occupy 40 percent less floor space. The Mobile Cabinets also store supplies from a separate area and provide 20 percent expansion capacity. Because of the extra space the clinic services department gained, they were able to create a new intravenous (IV) drug preparation area. The moving layers of shelves are electrically operated for smooth movement to prevent potential vibration damage to stored materials. In addition, the Mobile Cabinets feature a lip on the front edge to prevent materials from rolling off.

Features and Benefits of Mobile Cabinets with Moving Layers of Shelves

adjustable shelves on mobile cabinets for clinical supplies

Here are just some of the additional features and benefits of Mobile Cabinets with moving layers of shelves:

  • Stores both files and clinical supplies in one cabinet
  • Centralizes clinical supplies for easy retrieval and employee productivity
  • Easily adjustable shelves to maximize storage space
  • Smooth movement with the push of a button allowing safe storage and no jarring
  • Room for future growth of clinical supplies

Mobile Cabinets for Hospital Clinical Services Storage Design and Installation Assistance

Designing and installing Mobile Cabinets with moving layers of shelves for hospital clinical services storage is an important part of our services. Call us today at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message to have one of our storage specialists help you with your storage requirements.


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